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    Welcome, when you upload 50 apps you can get verified.
  2. TL;DR "Most of the pirates who use our (ex-Hackulous) services do so because they simply cannot afford to purchase the applications. Since these users have never had any intention or capability to purchase the applications [...] developers of these apps are losing significantly less than what they believe they are to these people." "[...] the people who use our (ex-Hackulous) services to trial iPhone applications actually help Apple more than they hurt it." "To sum up my points, the negative impact of piracy on the market has been overstated. Contrary to what people see on the surface, piracy is not truly as detrimental as developers claim." I do recommend to read the whole text, because it is written very good. It also explains that DRM is kinda useless. (e.g. http://www.coflash.com/stuff/witcher.jpg this sums up that you can still be successful even though you don't have DRM on your games) And this quote: "DRM solves piracy like a bag of concrete solves hunger" -Guillaume Rambourg
  3. Didn't see this lol, the default is 6, 0 is the fastest, but produces huge files, 9 is the slowest but produces smaller files, I recommend using either 6 or 7.
  4. The compression levels you can set are -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  5. You are correct. You need to find a way to escape "/" google it.
  6. It allows you to search your filesystem thru ifunbox and also your phone doesn't appear as jailed, but it is excluded from jailbreaks as it is seen as a security threat.
  7. P.S 6.1.6 can now be jailbroken with p0sixspwn without the use of redsn0w
  8. Pinned this post, tested it and it works (I just wanted to wait for v1.1 to pin it) 7.1.2 jailbreakable as well! https://twitter.com/iH8sn0w/status/483655159323439104 EDIT: IDK if we need to wait for pangu to get updated, or if it works now. It works with 7.1.2! (The version 1.0 and 1.1 of pangu, although I recommend using 1.1 because of the fixes and also because it's in english) EDIT2: Sorry for triple posting but I need MONGOLO too see this (when u see it merge it to my previous reply as and EDIT2)DONE. When changing the date and time you change it to June 2nd, but you should also change the time to 8:30 PM (or 20:30 if you use a 24-hour clock). That's just a precaution.
  9. It's not necessary but some people like to use it lol.
  10. Croatia (stupid referee) Hmmm EA or Ubisoft
  11. With the removal of the wish system, this will be the new place to wish for iTunes Books! All you have to do when submitting a wish is to put: - Create a new topic with app name, version and current price in the topic title, with the following format - APPNAME - VERSION - PRICE Example: Attack on Titan 1 - v2.0 - $7.99 - iTunes link to the app inside the topic When your request is filled, please edit>use full editor>and add [X] the the title Example: [X]Attack on Titan 1 - v2.0 - $7.99 Please use the search function to search if a request for the book already exists! DO NOT DOUBLE POST! All posts will be moderated to prevent spamming! Have a nice day and may your wishes come true!
  12. I really don't think it's possible to steal your personal data from a SIM card. About legitness of doulci, idk really, but ih8sn0w said "it's a really generic bypass u have there", so that means that it actually works.
  13. Just sort it by most seeders, it will work 99% of the time
  14. Prototype GTA or Saints Row?
  15. Hmmmm, Killing Floor of Left 4 Dead?
  16. North Korea is the best only Korea. China or North Korea
  17. Rasticrac doesn't install cracked apps, it cracks legit apps (and then afterwards u can install the .ipa in various ways)
  18. Red Star (edit: to follow the original question, Bayern) Spartak Moscow or Olimpyakos?
  19. It's most likely that they renamed clutch. You can try the clutchdownloader script if u want: https://github.com/CrackEngine/ClutchDownloader/releases
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