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  1. YAY At last this was long overdue, may i also suggest that we could make default view only show paid apps unless user specifies to see free apps also??? Thoughts please on this?
  2. iChr0niX

    iFilez Logo

    Priaiser i bloody love the last design its absolutely perfect! Is there any chance you could send me the .PSD for this to me @AppAddict.org email address would be greatly appreciated
  3. iChr0niX

    iFilez Logo

    The guys over at iFilez will love this brilliant work again man Cant thank you enough
  4. Damn i just bought 12 months, will remember this for next time
  5. Yeah i have used ConvetXtoDVD for many many years and it is rock solid and also can make some nice custom menus with pictures and sound too
  6. FORUM RULES Please read, take note and abide these rules 1. AppDb is geared towards a general audience. Explicit language, nudity, pornography, violence, etc. is not allowed. 2. AppDb Staff reserves the right to lock and/or delete any posts which are deemed a violation of forum rules. 3. Please use ENGLISH only when posting, this makes it easier for our moderators. 4. Users are only allowed one account 5. No explicit language or word in user name 6. Respect all staff members as well as other users 7. No flaming, bashing, and spamming 8. Do Not impersonate staff members or others 9. No Advertising of any other forum/site of similar (unless you have been given prior permission from an admin) There are 9 simple rules to follow as long as we all abide by these rules AppDb will be a nice user friendly place for everyone. If rules are broken you will be issued warning points, consistently breaking rules may result in your account being banned.
  7. My stance on this is that i will not condone any cracking of cydia tweaks on AppAddict, the reason for this is i believe without some of these guys who make the tweaks and jailbreaks etc..... our phones would still be Jailed by Apple and we would not even be able to install the cracked apps or have awesome programs like rasticrac and clutch. Ive been asked why we don't have cracked tweaks on the repo and this is the reason. I urge people to support the jailbreak and tweak devs if you use their tweaks, the same way we ask that if people really find an app useful and use it lots providing you can afford it pay for the app. We provide apps for people mainly to try before buy, but also i do feel personally that people should all be able to have the same resources and not miss out due to not being able to afford it. But i do know there are rich people that download cracked apps and never pay this i don't agree with but who am i to start talking morals when i own a cracked app store. I do stil feel strongly against any kind of involvement with cracked tweaks and would appreciate that users find alternative sources for this on the internet as there are many places out there specifically for this. We are strictly Apple only Products. Maybe Android soon you heard it here first ....... XD Rant over
  8. Ok thanks for the info I'm going to get these apps and test myself. I'll post my results here
  9. You Are very welcome, and i believe your answer was already answered by ievoking - thanks for that
  10. Where did you install Clutch from? If you install clutch from my repo i have included it, i think my version is the only version with the .conf file in
  11. Glad you found the tutorial informative I will edit and make sure it is clear that you can use one or the other of the cracking tools
  12. I have just Updated the Repo With Rasticrac Alpha 5, I have also updated the tutorial to reflect
  13. Hmm im going to buy this app and try to crack it myself on my iPhone 5 using Clutch! Have you tried Raticrac? Im uploading the new version today on the repo it works on the iPhone 5 And Cheers Arrow for not pointing to other Repos i respect that. The version of Clutch on our Repo is the Latest ClutchPatched by FaultyClones Also Arrow if there are any tools you feel we should have on our Repo please let me know, i'm new to making Repos but AppAddict repo seems to be working A OK
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