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  1. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mail-designer-pro-2-create/id922857664?mt=12
  2. i use to have it on my iPhone its already been cracked by someone else (only 2.5 not 2.9) so you can find it online no problem there isn't much too it though as everything is locked off inside the app it basically just provides phone numbers
  3. not yet unfortunately but there is a new app on the App Store which is free also, its called "cloud opener" it does the same thing pretty much
  4. honestly i have no idea? i can try and crack again and upload and send to you to test if you like?
  5. Hey Tony it won't let me add it to the site as it has been pulled from iTunes but the file is uploaded here is the link https://mega.co.nz/#!TNhi2bCI and key is: !57MCo3DhLKRXaDdRq1Z5fXt97qYs24rAnt4OW5ZTuWQ
  6. sorry guy wasn't sure if that was needed! the key on the site is S_x3ANXItSEQ_EWQrEZ7MHhLZkfape0NV64aPispz-k reuploaded with Key
  7. sorry for the delay! Filled http://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=917432930&store=de&type=ios
  8. cheers man! thats the one i have currently just seeing if there was anything else out there! I have just the one for you! ill look it out for the name and send it over to you!
  9. Does anyone know a good ad blocker for iOS for none jailbroken devices? Many thanks James
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