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    Is syncler possible to get on iOS
  2. Is this option not working anymore ?
  3. Can’t sign or install anything , not even from my own IPA storage. I’m a pro member appdb on Apple TV 4K
  4. Hello this app would been nice to have now when summer is here!
  5. Hello since the latest crash I'm not able to use my downloaded appdb apps. Today I tried to install a new app just in test purpose. The app manage to install and worked. My question is do i have to reinstall all my old not workings apps again to get them work ? or what is happening , are you still fixing the problem after the crash ? / Xelor77
  6. I've manage to get a link trough email , but when i used funbox to install the app on Apple TV 4 I got this error message : Error# e8008015
  7. hello i tried to install kodi from the Apple Tv section And i got no mail with download link, or when i tried to download file from the archive it says file not found
  8. No problem to install it, but I can't see who is calling (live in Sweden), when I do the "apptest" under settings i get this message : "No match for 222222"
  9. Anyone who got this version to work on their iPhone ?
  10. Completely Pro - Completed listings browser for eBay
  11. nedda you are the Man ! tnx a lot !
  12. Would be glad to have this watch utility Hairspring av Jinfei Sun https://appsto.re/se/YZid6.i
  13. Hello want to request this watch app
  14. hello! I really want whoiscalling cydia app to work from appdb! That would be very nice , that is for shure on of the top ten cydia apps ! Best regards / X
  15. I really need whoiscalling to. Plz make it work with appdb , that would be amazing !!
  16. Perfect ! Tnx it worked , to bad I payed pro member twice ;)
  17. 09:41 PM I can't get appdb to understand that I have a new iPhone , payed twice for reg my new iPhone 6 plus S, but when I choose device status. My old iPhone 6 Plus is labeled in the device info?? Appdb thinks that I use my old iPhone which is sold, even do I payed twice for register my new iPhone 6 Plus S. How do I solve this problem ? , i even have the certifikate installed under profiles ! plz some one help me
  18. Why have I not been prouser yet ? I have payed through PayPal to become a prouser on a new device
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