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  1. I'm thinking... If I bypass an iCloud blocked iPhone 4, and then I do these steps, will this work as well recovering cell network?
  2. Pangu JB is updated: New features: -English version -Will not ask to install 25pp -Mac version available Download (v1.1) Mac: https://mega.co.nz/#!DV1AwQjD!jaYJ5OuIlpc2pbURDaIHh-4Abeybam-OILD9oNNWeXw Windows: https://mega.co.nz/#!vB8yiDhI!TNmvwa0my_OvURXVzpUVhGE2QPZQsWitXy6nFRCKO_k
  3. Just to say I though AA and ioscheaters are allies or friendly, but well, thanks for warn me about no adversiting, I will not do this again lol

  4. MONGOLO, again you should warn users to UNCHECK the box on Pangu to avoid PPsync problems
  5. No yet, and much less when I don't own a Mac to test, sorry.
  6. What about if you try fully restore your device and try use the jailbreak tool in other computer? TL;DR soooooooooo much flood, no need to post a lot! But I think it may be your computer, try using another computer to see what happens...
  7. If you where looking many pages but didn't help you then stop! The end is here! DISCLAIMER: This worked for me, I don't know if will work for you but I'm somewhat sure it will work. Credits to DeV-point team and Flendra, good arabs... This works for the current trial version of Reflector 1.3.4 as June/2014 Yo guys, I'll teach you how to install the full (cracked) version of Reflection without need of serial code (because doesn't work anymore) Requirements: Windows machine AirPlay (iOS 5+, A5+ devices) Downloads (Open spoiler) Steps: Download Reflector from the official site or 1.3.4 version Install it! Download the crack ( depending your operating system (32 bits or 64 bits) Open the downloaded .zip file and copy Reflector.exe Open Windows Explorer and go to C:Program FilesReflector Paste the cracked .exe there and replace it (backup the original .exe just in case) Open Reflector, if asks "Check for updates automatically", click "Don't check". This is to avoid break the crack. You may see the app icon on the task bar. You can right-click and click "Show Preferences" to adjust your preferences. Done! You successfully installed Reflector with full features. Don't know how to use Reflector? Open Reflector Make sure both devices are on the same network Make sure you have a compatible device (iPad 2 or higher, iPhone 4S or higher, iPod touch 5 or higher with iOS 5 or later, works in iOS 7) If you are on iOS 7 or later, open Control Center and you will see the Airplay option, open it and select XXXXX-PC and enable Mirroring. If you are on iOS 6 or older, double press the home button and tap the Airplay icon (a TV with an arrow icon) and select XXXXX-PC and enable mirroring. Done! You are mirroring your device and you can record your device screen (system audio works) by right-clicking the program. Hope this works for you guys. Sorry if is not well explained. Downloads are above Source: http://www.dev-point.com/vb/t508965.html
  8. Just finished final exams, now waiting to finally graduate from high school : )

  9. Yes of course It works if you don't have any problems with PPsync
  10. For those who experience problems related to PPsync (aka Teiron's shitty appsync), please install Complete PPsync Remover from Angel's repo (http://cydia.angelxwind.net) and AppSync Unified (?) to replace it, both at the same time. IMPORTANT: Install all these tweaks together, and maybe update "that" tweak too among these, or maybe you can get issues. Also before jailbreaking, please uncheck the box below the progress bar, because this will install 25pp. Btw, direct link for jailbreak tool here You may want rewrite the whole thread without copying and pasting, I would write for you, as I know how troubleshoot most problems that cause when jailbreaking with Pangu NOTE: You don't need install AppSync, it's already installed after following the steps. Originally the exploits are from i0n1c, he was training about 50-70 students for almost 2 years, and suddenly one of his disciples took the exploits and sold to 25pp for cash (or what did you think?) and then 25pp released the "Pangu" jailbreak.
  11. Watch dogs Salsa or Guacamole
  12. I heard Aquaxetine said there will be no IP anymore, another solution is coming...
  13. Warning guys! Server is overloaded right now at this time I replied. So except errors of "timed out."
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