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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everybody, When submitting a wish please use the following title format: Your device - App name - Version - Price (USD if possible). An example of a good topic title: iPhone 4 - Angry Birds - 4.2.0 - $0.99 Always put a device in the post (due to possible compatibility issues) Always put a (US) iTunes link in the post, so we can find this app Do not double post and use the search function to see if the wish isn't already submitted. All posts will be moderated and needs approval to prevent spam. We have an limit of three wishes per person at once. Please wait until your wish gets fulfilled or deleted after 30 days. You'll need an minimum of 2 posts to request a app to be cracked. If your post doesn't meet our requirements it will be denied. Happy wishing, The AppDB team.
  2. مرحبًا بالجميع الرجاء قراءة هذه الـ 6 قواعد البسيطة لضمان تجربة سلسة لمستخدم. ١- دائماً استخدم عنوان موضوع واضح وقصير (مع العلامات إذا كان ذلك ممكناً). ٢- عند كتابة موضوع جديد نرجو الدقة قدر الإمكان، قد يشمل الصور و/أو الخطوات المتخذة. ٣- استخدم وظيفة البحث لمعرفة إذا كان قد تم الإجابة على الأسئلة الفعل. ٤- لا تقم بكتابة مشكلتك في موضوع لشخص آخر، حتى إذا كان لديك المشكلة نفسها أو ما يعادلها الرجاء فتح موضوع جديد. يمكنك الرجوع إلى هذا موضوع تم فتحه بالفعل. ٥- عندما يقوم شخص ما في حل المشكلة الرجاء النقر زر تجده بالجانب الأسفل على اليمين. حتى نستطيع غلق هذا الموضوع. ٦- اختياري: ملء خيارات iDevices يمكن الاطلاع عليها تحت "في الإعدادات الخاصة بك". لتسهل علينا مساعدتك وإعطائك إجابة جيدة وسريعة. تحية طيبة للجميع فريق appdb ]].
  3. Hi everybody, When requesting an app update please use the following title format: App name - Latest Version An example of a good topic title: Angry Birds - 4.2.0 Always put the AppDB link in the post. All posts will be moderated and needs approval to prevent spam. It's easier and quicker to mention the original cracker in the OP by using the BBcode (if possible). The AppDB team.
  4. Hi everyone, Please read these 6 simple rules to ensure a smooth user experience. Always use a short evident topic title (with tags if possible). In the opening post describe the problem precise as possible, this may include screenshots and/or steps taken. Use the search function to see if the questions isn't already answered. Don't hijack someone else's topic, if you have the same or equivalent problem please open a new topic. You may refer to the topic already opened. When someone solved you problem please click the button on the right down side of the post so we can close the topic. Optional: fill in My iDevices which can be found under My Settings. This makes it a lot easier to give you a good and quick answer. Greetings, the APPDb team.
  5. FORUM RULES Please read, take note and abide these rules 1. AppDb is geared towards a general audience. Explicit language, nudity, pornography, violence, etc. is not allowed. 2. AppDb Staff reserves the right to lock and/or delete any posts which are deemed a violation of forum rules. 3. Please use ENGLISH only when posting, this makes it easier for our moderators. 4. Users are only allowed one account 5. No explicit language or word in user name 6. Respect all staff members as well as other users 7. No flaming, bashing, and spamming 8. Do Not impersonate staff members or others 9. No Advertising of any other forum/site of similar (unless you have been given prior permission from an admin) There are 9 simple rules to follow as long as we all abide by these rules AppDb will be a nice user friendly place for everyone. If rules are broken you will be issued warning points, consistently breaking rules may result in your account being banned.
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