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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, today I will be showing you how to install any .ipa file on any unjailbroken device. This works on any ios I think. I will be doing this on a Windows 10 PC but this works on Mac too. The app will work for 7 days. After that, you have to install it again. [Requirements] A Device Running IOS Something Cydia Impacter (Windows: https://mega.nz/#!WIFhibpK!rrc6CpF3R9IwKvaTm3vlQt0wkK3LIfCELEimblb9gUE Mac: https://mega.nz/#!aR1mBZ6R!e1b2PnOeIkpyb-RHhDO8LNf9d8nwXxsyW1ol_AofAYw ) A Windows Or Mac Computer Step 1: First you are going to want to download Cydia Impacter for your Computers Operating System. Windows: https://mega.nz/#!WIFhibpK!rrc6CpF3R9IwKvaTm3vlQt0wkK3LIfCELEimblb9gUE Mac: https://mega.nz/#!aR1mBZ6R!e1b2PnOeIkpyb-RHhDO8LNf9d8nwXxsyW1ol_AofAYw Step 2: Unzip Cydia Impacter Step 3: Open the Impactor Folder Run the Impactor Application Step 4: Plug Your Device Into Your Computer And Wait Until Cydia Impactor Sees Your Device. Step 5: Now Download The .ipa File You Want To Install. Step 6: Take Your .ipa File And Drag It Into The Cydia Impactor Application. Step 7: Now Click On Start. Step 8: Now Enter Your Apple ID And Then Click OK. Step 9: Now Enter Your Apple ID Password And Press OK. NOTE: This does not take your password. It is confirmed that it goes straight to Apple's Servers. Step: 10 This Message Will Popup And If You Are Okay With It Then Press OK. Step 11: Now Wait For Your .ipa File To Get Installed. It Will Return To The Home Screen Of The Application Once It's Done. Step 12: Now On The Device You Installed The Application For Go Into Settings, Then General, Then Device Management. Now You Will See A Box With Your Apple ID Username Or Email Address Under Developer App. Click On It And Press Trust. Step 13: And Now Your Done! Enjoy! If you have any questions or any errors please let me know. Enjoy!
  2. Edit:Here is a quick video walkthrough Edit 2: confirmed working on 11.1.2 Electra as well with tweaks turned on. If you’re gonna use it on an older device it’s better to run the commands via SSH since older device won’t have enough memory to switch between the app and the terminal. Edit 3: added a detailed video walkthrough Requirements 1. Filza File Manager (BigBoss repo) 2. New Term 2 (Hash Bang repo) 3. Link Identity Editor (ldid) (BigBoss repo) 4. An App to Crack (Duh!) 5. Jailbroken Device with Tweaks turned ON (should've said that one first) 6. Bfinject.tar from the Github repo 7. The signing script ( credit to 4pda.ru user for this) nofile.io or pastebin or Github Getting Everything Ready 1. Copy both bfinjector.tar and signer.sh to your /var/mobile/Documents 2. Tap on bfinject.tar to extract it. 3. Tap Edit on the top right, select the extracted "bfinject" folder and tap "Move". 4. Browse to /private 5. Paste here **** the bfinject folder must be in “/private , /bin , /sbin or / ” for it to work.**** 6. Go back to /var/mobile/Documents , select "signer.sh" and tap "Move". 7. Browse to /var/mobile/Media and create a two new folders called "cracking" and "signing". 8. paste "signer.sh" in "cracking". Let's Start Cracking (pun intended) 1. Open the app you want to crack. For the purpose of this guide i'll be cracking "Wayward Soul" and go back to 2. Open New Term 2 3. Login as root by typing su 4.Enter default password (unless you changed it) alpine 5. Now we need to set the working directory to /private/bfinject cd /private/bfinject 6. to start cracking (no pun this time) we'll type the following command bash bfinject -P Wayward -L decrypt * after "-P" you write either the app's name or even a part of it and the script will find it. * to know every usage run "bash bfinject" 7. Now go back to the App to finish decrypting it. 8. After it's done you'll get a pop up with a "Yes" and "No" question. Just press "No". 9. Cracking is done. 10. Open Filza and browse to /var/mobile/Containers/Data/ 11. Tap on the magnifying glass on the left to search for "decrypted-app.ipa". 12. Press the arrow on the left of the file to locate it. 13. Select and Move it to the folder we made before at /var/mobile/Media/cracking. 14. Go back to New Term 15. login as root as instructed above (if you closed the previous session or it crashed) 16. Set the Working directory to cracking cd /var/mobile/Media/cracking 17. to run the signing script type the folowing bash signer.sh decrypted-app.ipa 18. After the script is finished it'll ask you if you want to move it to "/var/mobile/Media/signed" or keep it here. Better choose yes to keep things organized 19. you are now done and have a properly signed cracked app.
  3. !!! FOR JAILBREAKING IOS 8.1.1 PLEASE FOLLOW THIS GUIDE!!! - HERE1 !!! How to jailbreak iOS 8.x with Pangu 1.1 Note: Backup your device and perform a fresh install of iOS 8 via iTunes before proceeding. This will ensure that the jailbreak runs quicker and ups the chance of success. You can always restore your data post jailbreak. This tutorial is for Windows. If you don’t have a Windows machine, you can use a virtual machine on your Mac. Step 1: Connect your device to your PC, and make sure that you tap the Trust This Computer button on your device if it prompts you to do so Step 2: Enable Airplane mode on your device Step 3: Download Pangu 1.1 from our link and save it to your desktop Step 4: Right click on the Pangu tool and select Run as Administrator Step 5: Once your device is detected by Pangu, click the Start Jailbreak button Step 6: After reading the notice presented by Pangu, click Already Did to begin the jailbreak process Step 7: Be patient and wait for the progress bar to reach the very end, and your iPhone will reboot Step 8: Once your iPhone reboots you should see Cydia on your Home screen. Launch Cydia to initialize it and you’re good to go Video Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9k26mha9xU Credits: Jeff Benjamin http://www.idownloadblog.com/2014/10/31/how-to-jailbreak-ios-8-and-install-cydia-using-pangu-1-1-0-on-windows-video/
  4. After seeing so many repeated posts on AppAddict, i decided to make a post about what are the first things to do when you discover AppAddict. So first, you will want to register, so that you now have an account. After registering, you can start new topics, introduce yourself, buy or sell your used/new goods, or report some bugs and make suggestions. But before all that, you need to first learn the most important part of using the forum, the RULES ! also read the [FAQ] about Cracked apps - security,etc. and [FAQ] General question about AppAddict app It's very important that you obey all the rules so that the forum continues to be a good source of information, and not a mashup of repeated posts. Ok so you now know how to "move in the forum", now it's time for the real deal on AppAddict, the apps ! First, you will want to have a jailbroken device, and for that, you shall refer to this awesome tutorial for ios 7.x.x (Credits to MONGOLO for doing it, credits to evad3rs for coding it), or if you still have an iphone 4 or lower on 6.1.3/6.1.5, refer to this one (Credits to DblD). Congratulations, you now have a jailbroken device ! IMPORTANT NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO JAILBREAK YOUR DEVICE, YET INSTALL CRACKED APPS ANYWAY, REFER HERE AND HERE ! Before getting our exclusive app you shall need to go to cydia to add our repo, for that, go to Cydia -> Manage -> Edit -> Add and then, you will want to add this URL(http://cydia.appaddict.org). Wait for it to do it's thing, and then press Return to Cydia, you will now see the new repo, click on it, and for now, only install AppSync for ios7+ (if your iDevice is on ios7.x.x) or AppSync for ios6 (if your iDevice is on ios 6.x.x). After you install it, it's time to get our app now ! FROM YOUR iDevice, GO TO (https://app.appaddict.org/) FROM SAFARI, AND JUST SLIDE TO INSTALL. So now that you have the app, we can install some more goodies for it ! Time to go to cydia again, to our repo, and install AppAddict+, this will give some more funcionalities to the app. After installing it, open the app, and login. Once you have loged in, you can now download apps ! Just search the name of the app that you want, and use on of the links available ! If no links are working for that app, just click report, and name the links that aren't working. I can see you now while you read this tutorial, you go all boss like to the app, search your favorite CENSURED app, but allas, nobody has uploaded it yet ! So now what do you do ? Well here at AppAddict, it has also made easy for you ! Just search the appstore link of that app (google "Put AppName Here" AppStore), go here and paste the link there ! Easy as it gets ! Let's imagine another situation, imagine you have an app, that nobody has uploaded, and you want to benefit the community, you're thinking, how do i do that ? Well, ALL credits to Zorro, we also have an amazing cracking utility ! See it and how it works here ! NOTE: There is also a awesome cracking utility called Clutch, which MONGOLO has made a tutorial (see it here) ! (Credits to MONGOLO for the tutorial) (even more credits to NLC and ttwj for coding the tool) Before you know it, you will have lot's of cracks and will be dying to know how to get your pretty face onto the Hall of Fame ! Well, go for it, here's how it's done ! I guess i have covered most if not all you need to know ! Any question, please do not be afraid to ask, the community is here to help, as you are here to help the community. Cheers, Kalenji.
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