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  1. MyAppStore is unique appdb feature - you can build your own apps library and store it on appdb servers, apps will always be installable to your devices, jailbroken or not. IPA way to your device through MyAppStore is the following: You upload IPA file to appdb Appdb creates job to analyse your IPA to make sure it is valid and installable Appdb stores IPA into your library You can trigger app installations from MyAppStore section via "install" method from main API MyAppStore API acts on the same endpoint and with same principles as our Main API, but adds couple new methods that you can use. Adding IPA to library By using this method you can upload IPA for analyse to appdb. Device auth is required. It should return true if IPA was successfully queued to be analysed. Then, you can check what's happening with your job: Getting jobs status By using this method you can check what jobs are running. Device auth is required. It should return job objects. All fields are self-explainable: {"success":true,"errors":[],"data":[{"id":"xxxx","updated_at":"1511865973","status":"Success: appdb_1.4.2.ipa was validated, added to your apps","is_finished":"1"}],"total":null} Getting IPA library And finally, here is how to obtain IPAs in your library. Device auth is required. It should return the following information. All fields are self-explainable: {"success":true,"errors":[],"data":[{"id":"656","bundle_id":"com.4sh2812.32u1982378","uploaded_at":"1511865973","name":"appdb","size":"35172335","compatibility_string":"Requires iOS 8.0 or iPhone, iPod iPad "}],"total":null} Deleting IPA from library Device auth is required. Installing IPA Just trigger "install" method of main API with ID of IPA and type="MyAppStore". Device auth is required.
  2. Would like to know if I need to create an Apple ID in order to get appdb app's onto my phone or could I just use my default mail app as a way to send a link to click and download it into my device without any restrictions?
  3. I've been using AppDB for months now, but for some reason it started putting apps in a queue today instead of downloading them. I first tried to download something on the mobile app and it didn't work, and then I tried downloading the same app on the website via my PC and it still won't work. It's the only app I have downloading and I'm not sure how to fix it or what I can do. Thanks everybody for any incoming help. It'll be much appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone! This topic is reserved for your translation attachments. You can download translation files here. There are also integrity check results. Now translation files are regular Apple's string files, so you can freely translate them with any text document or xCode, or use them in your 3rd party clients. Please note that files must be UTF-8 WITHOUT BOM. If your translation will be approved - we will gift you Free PRO! Thank you for your support!
  5. hi my Rickpactor doesnt work anymore i tired making new apple accounts and its still not working im been using this site for while for some of my work apps why did it stop working all of a sudden? is there a fix or any alternative method to sign my apps and get it working? if not then i will have to unlink my IOS device from this site please let me know
  6. So i searched in all appdb and i Couldn’t Find any music notation app for iOS 13 that could work, i think it could be very useful for every musician here Apps like: notion: https://apps.apple.com/pe/app/notion/id475820434 Symphony pro: https://apps.apple.com/pe/app/symphony-pro-music-notation/id412380315 notateMe: https://apps.apple.com/pe/app/notateme/id699470139 musicJOT: https://apps.apple.com/pe/app/musicjot/id1057966726 thanks for everything!
  7. Hello everyone, Wanna Ask something abot Developer Certificate and Provisioning Profile in Appdb and How to USE that I have an Developer Account with 110 UDID Registered Also I have been created profile with iOS development and iOS developer My question : 1. Can we use developer account, so that all my member from 110 registered UDID can directly download from Appdb? 2. Which one should I use for the profile in Appdb? iOS development / iOS Distribution Profile? and is that need WildCard? 3. Is that push nitification will working? if you don't mind can you please tell me Step by Step for Question no 2 for make a p12 cert thank you in advance Hel
  8. Hi ? My only suggestion would be to have a discounted subscription offer offer for students! not only would this attract more subscribers it would also make you more competitive in the marketplace! i would suggest a subscription cost of 4.99 for students ! peace ✌️ and love ? ?angelbaby
  9. juanjohnson

    Need help

    I updated to ios 12 now appdb isn’t recognizing my email. Need help to relink my device now that I’ve updated
  10. TUTORIAL: HOW TO INSTALL A SIGNED .IPA ON APPLE TV (4TH GEN OR 4K) WIRELESSLY USING XCODE AND APPDB PRO! PREREQUISITES - Xcode 9.0 or later running on macOS 10.12.4 or later. - Apple TV (4th generation or 4K) running tvOS 11.0 or later - appdb PRO activated for your Apple TV HOW TO LINK APPLE TV TO APPDB AND ACTIVATE PRO FOR IT Skip this part if your Apple TV is already linked to appdb with PRO activated. Visit this link page for instructions on how to link your Apple TV (4th gen or 4K) to appdb. Once linked, switch to it via the same link page, then buy and activate PRO for your Apple TV by visiting this page. Once PRO is activated, you can head over to our tvOS section for apps, and click any green INSTALL button to start the signing process, or upload a custom .ipa at the custom installer page. Once the signing process is done, you will find direct link to .ipa in device status page. STEPS 1. Connect the Mac running Xcode and the Apple TV to the same network. 2. In Xcode, choose Window > Devices and Simulators, then in the window that appears, click Devices. 3. On the Apple TV, open Settings, then choose Remotes and Devices > Remote App and Devices. The Apple TV searches for possible pairing devices including the Mac. 4. In Xcode, select the Apple TV in the left column under Discovered. The status of the Apple TV connection request appears in the detail area. 5. Enter the verification code displayed on the Apple TV, then click Connect. Xcode pairs with the Apple TV and a network icon appears next the the Apple TV in the left column. 6. Drag .ipa file into the installed apps section (the .ipa must be signed with appdb PRO and downloaded from device status page - see previous section for more info). 7. Enjoy!
  11. Alright so i opened up my chrome browser but i had the page where you reset all of your linked devices and the device i bought premium pro for and now i just wasted 23$ could i get my pro back? (I have proof of purchase and everything)
  12. i would like to be able to use some links (only me) and i'm an appdb pro users but not a verified uploader so it's impossible and i think that it will be cool if it's added
  13. I’ve been using appdb for 8 days now and over the weekend I updated my IPhone 8 to the latest version after finding out that it’s ok to do that without messing up my appdb profile, but I noticed that it has trouble getting my device to respond and show me updates plus I also noticed that when a app is ready to install the message never pop up so I updated the profile, that didn’t work and now I unlinked my device. I got a email saying that I can be granted with a free PRO for you if my opinion will be valuable! I hope so and I want some tips too because I like appdb I think it’s worth the money Thanks
  14. Hello I payed for a pro voucher, but I’ve got no voucher or have been pro activated ? I bought the voucher for 2 days ago / Xelor777
  15. ..
  16. I can’t install apps which are non tweaked only tweaked cydia apps or games install others can’t be signed shows what can be seen in attachment please tell me problem regarding this.the links are working all non cydia apps cant be installed it shows this for all apps other than tweaked
  17. Appdb Can You Please Unblock Me I Just Want To Get Pro I LOVE THIS SITE TOO MUCH
  18. Hey everyone! Just bought AppDB Pro, and I've had an average experience so far. A lot of my apps are not getting installed, not even getting prompted to install it. I am Pro, I have PROtection, installed the profile, etc. https://gyazo.com/7c92d0fa631f822738870b566c5f6e0c < That is the screenshot of related logs
  19. Is there a way to update the existing app downloaded via appdb to manually/auto update? Or is such a feature in pipeline? It would really help a lot of the appdb user, as we would be able to preserve our user data while updating the app. Thanks in advance.
  20. I dont see any link nomore to open a ipa app what is download in safari. Normaly I can sent it to the appdb app to install iT . But to transfer iT to the app is away I dont see iT anymore can somebody help me with iT please?
  21. Hi I paid for appdb pro and I still have no activation it keeps saying activating a waiting please help i paid a pro with my Paypal Account email ericking1083@gmail.com
  22. So for the request I would like beta 3 or beta 4 of Yalu jailbreak IPA to be signed for me to install through Cydia impactor or someone to make it work through appdb I'm over here going crazy over this and I can't figure it out , I purchased pro to be able to sign apps so I try to sign Yalu jailbreak from Pc to phone link and it installs on phone but immedialy force closes no matter if it's beta 3 or 4, I install app with Cydia impactor and app runs fine and doesn't force close but when I upload to sign through appdb and install it never wants to run ... can you help me out since I purchase pro hoping I could use this method but it doesn't work, id make you the bet that the whole world of jailbreak is relying on your answer because if u get mach_portal working and signed for a year rather than 7 days this will spread faster than wildfire and more people would buy pro , I love that you guys host 9.3.3 jailbreak but I upgraded to 7 plus and don't have that anymore ... Any feedback will help to get the ball rolling here to spread this new method Thanks in advance , Anthony
  23. Your system says that i have to contact support because the system cannot decrypt my ticket please help!
  24. Your system says that i have to contact support because the system cannot decrypt my ticket please help!
  25. jReilly90

    Appdb pro

    My pro membership isn't working anymore after the maintenance. It says I'm linked with no pro membership. I won the membership on pro roulette last month. Haven't had any problems till now.
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