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Found 14 results

  1. I recently purchased appdb pro and I have yet to use any tweaked apps. Need Help Installing. I have an iPhone 6 version 12.5.2 . I Installed the profiles and connected my device. The apps install to my home page but aren’t clickable. I tried to trust the apps and general certification but they don’t show up in my settings also cant install AppSync from cydia.. im pretty confused can someone help?
  2. Hello, Could you tell me how I can join the private beta for the new revocation protection program? Thanks much!
  3. My cert was revoked by Apple yesterday and when I clicked the link to reactivate I get an error message telling me that my PRO membership has been cancelled. However my PRO was activated in September 2018 so I should still have another good 4 months until a renewal is called for. Please see attached image for proof of activation. I'd be forever grateful if my PRO membership could be reactivated ASAP. Thanks much!
  4. Since yesterday, whenever I try to install any app this error comes up as soon as I hit the install button: "This app could not be installed". So far I've tried VHS Camcorder, Cercube for Youtube and Instagram++ and with different links (such as Mega, Dailyuploads, Usercloud) but installation for all 3 of them failed every time. Can you please help? iPhone 7, iOS 11.3.1, Non-Jailbroken
  5. Hey I've just sent 0.0066 btcto activate appDB pro. I've sent the right amount of btc to the address, the transaction was confirmed 1 time and then I copied the transaction code to the same window and it shows up this: I can PM a Support Member the transaction code for validating.
  6. I used AppDB PRO normally for weeks. However, last night I tried to upload custom ipa via MyAppStore, but the installation failed all the time. I even tried to clear the command queue, but the issue continue. Now I am not even be able to install any apps from AppDB. Please help me with the issue. Thanks in advance.
  7. I really like on the un-official appdb app that I can heart apps easily, and go straight to a list of apps that I would like to remember later on, or if the install fails I can go back to try a different source. It’s really easy to forget the apps you have tried to install when trying to check out multiple different ones at the same time. Most of them are bad links and never get installed because of it. If there was a recent history or watchlist it would be a god send. Having the updates automatically check when on the site or an easy way to make it check and check well going to other pages of appdb and notify you when done and if any were found. The comments section should be more user friendly and in plain site so that we could write or the Ipa download works, or app works without kicking you out, etc. a raiting system that we can vote on the individual ipas, also the original App Store raiting right underneath. Top downloaded apps in individual categories would help also
  8. Hi, I paid for a new activation through paypal 3 days ago but have not yet received a new activation code.
  9. Hey everyone! Just bought AppDB Pro, and I've had an average experience so far. A lot of my apps are not getting installed, not even getting prompted to install it. I am Pro, I have PROtection, installed the profile, etc. https://gyazo.com/7c92d0fa631f822738870b566c5f6e0c < That is the screenshot of related logs
  10. Hi there. Just tried to reinstall some cydia apps post iOS upgrade to 10. certificate installed and device being recognised as pro. the app signs on and app begins to install. However at point of install being complete I get the message 'please try again later'. A number of posts show this. ive tried reinstalling rebooting etc with no success. I've also tried on an old iPhone 5 with iOS 9 but I can't even get the certificate to install correctly with a message saying already been used. Wondering if I therefore have a problem with my UDID although saying valid until June this year. any help greatly appreciated. Ballazz
  11. Hello. I just bought a Pro Membership, but since 1 1/2 Hours it says this When will it be activated?
  12. I've had an Non-JB Ipad registered since april with App DB, I had to remove the MDM profile last month and tried to reinstall it this morning. I could install a few new apps but then realized that I had 2 older apps that needed to be updated. Those 2 were: AppDB universal Installer + MusicBox I uninstalled them both and since then haven't managed to install any applications every since... I can't even install the AppDB universal installer itself. No matter what I try it gets stuck at "App installation with compability check and cloud resigning". * I have tried to delete and re-install the entire MDM profile several times * chosen "no" on the answer if the device is jailbroken * chosen "no" if I want to force app installations. nothing seems to help... //regards shahab
  13. ociany

    Pro Status

    Hi, I don't know what happened but my pro status suddenly disappeared. Yesterday, it worked fine, but today, I no longer have access to the Pro features. I don't know what to do. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there anyone I can send my transaction id and registration number to so they may check this out? Thank you.
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