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Found 12 results

  1. If you where looking many pages but didn't help you then stop! The end is here! DISCLAIMER: This worked for me, I don't know if will work for you but I'm somewhat sure it will work. Credits to DeV-point team and Flendra, good arabs... This works for the current trial version of Reflector 1.3.4 as June/2014 Yo guys, I'll teach you how to install the full (cracked) version of Reflection without need of serial code (because doesn't work anymore) Requirements: Windows machine AirPlay (iOS 5+, A5+ devices) Downloads (Open spoiler) Steps: Download Reflector from the official site or 1.3.4 version Install it! Download the crack ( depending your operating system (32 bits or 64 bits) Open the downloaded .zip file and copy Reflector.exe Open Windows Explorer and go to C:Program FilesReflector Paste the cracked .exe there and replace it (backup the original .exe just in case) Open Reflector, if asks "Check for updates automatically", click "Don't check". This is to avoid break the crack. You may see the app icon on the task bar. You can right-click and click "Show Preferences" to adjust your preferences. Done! You successfully installed Reflector with full features. Don't know how to use Reflector? Open Reflector Make sure both devices are on the same network Make sure you have a compatible device (iPad 2 or higher, iPhone 4S or higher, iPod touch 5 or higher with iOS 5 or later, works in iOS 7) If you are on iOS 7 or later, open Control Center and you will see the Airplay option, open it and select XXXXX-PC and enable Mirroring. If you are on iOS 6 or older, double press the home button and tap the Airplay icon (a TV with an arrow icon) and select XXXXX-PC and enable mirroring. Done! You are mirroring your device and you can record your device screen (system audio works) by right-clicking the program. Hope this works for you guys. Sorry if is not well explained. Downloads are above Source: http://www.dev-point.com/vb/t508965.html
  2. Hi, My name is Raaed http://twitter.com/3rbpro I want to start uploading apps to Appdb and fixing broken links. to help out people who need cracked apps
  3. Can someone please a Pandora version that doesn’t restrict the country? I tried all versions on Appdb but none of them works I’m really tired.
  4. Facetune 2 (US App Store) There is a cracked version of this app available on the iOSGods forums and an alleged cracked version which surfaced on Twitter a while back. The iOSGods forum post version works. However, it is only available for jailbroken devices. The Twitter version claims to work with non-jailbroken devices, but my tests prove otherwise. For non-jailbroken iDevices, is it possible to unlock the VIP features of this app? Also, there is an empty AppDB page dedicated to a supposed '++' version of the application. The page is long abandoned with no links in the archive or any evidence of this having actually been accomplished in the past. Hope someone is able to grant this wish. I'm sure many many AppDB users would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  5. Please Help Me to Crack App Xoa Info 2015 Source: http://xoainfo.com/xoainfo
  6. Can someone please make Whatsapp Watusi’s latest version without Ads? I’m using WhatsGold++ and WhatsSilver++ which have Watusi ads cracked so can someone please update these to latest version (2.18.10) or compile new watusi ad free. Thank you.
  7. Basically I need WhatsApp Watusi without Ads version. Thank you.
  8. Hi, can you tweak Trivia Crack Kingdoms? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  9. Hi, is there a way I can crack apps from a Windows PC? Because I am a new uploader for AppDB and currently there is no jailbreak for ios 9.2. So I thought there might be a way to get .ipa's from my device to my PC or if there was a jailbroken device emulator or something.
  10. Add the full screen version of appdb in the form of a web clip with full screen enabled and remove able disabled. It will look like a root application. It also should work better because a website cannot be revoked!
  11. can anyone list all the cracking scripts/apps that they know of? i've tried rasticrac and clutch but can't crack the latest ipvanish vpn version 1.3.8
  12. ___ _ _ _ / __ |_ _| |_ ___| |__ / / | | | | | __/ __| '_ / /___| | |_| | || (__| | | | ____/|_|__,_|_____|_| |_| -------------------------------- High-Speed iOS Decryption System -------------------------------- Authors: ttwj - post 1.2.6 NinjaLikesCheez - post 1.2.6 Zorro - fixes, features, code (1.4) dissident - The original creator of Clutch (pre 1.2.6) Nighthawk - Code contributor (pre 1.2.6) Rastignac - Inspiration and genius TheSexyPenguin - Inspiration (not really) dildog - Refactoring and code cleanup (2.0) Thanks to: Nighthawk, puy0, rwxr-xr-x, Flox, Flawless, FloydianSlip, Crash-X, MadHouse, Rastignac, aulter, icefire Stable Version: Clutch 1.4.3 (Download) (iOS 6+) Previous Stable Version: Clutch 1.3.2 (Download) (supports iOS 5 & 6) please post any bugs, testing results development issues, messages for ttwj, etc. HERE , let's reserve this thread for questions on how to install, configure and use clutch. see also: [PRESS RELEASE] World's first 64bit cracking attained! Kim Jong-Cracks presents the world's first cracking utility capable of cracking new 64-bit binaries. [PRESS RELEASE] World's first 64bit cracking attained! What you need: [*]a jailbroken iDevice [*]MobileTerminal iOS app (available from default cydia repos) or you can do a USB SSH tunnel thru iFunbox (you will need afc2add and openssh from default cydia re posfor this) DOWNLOAD iFUNBOX [*]iFIle or iFunbox to explore the iPhone's filesystem and set permissions (if using iFunbox, you need afc2add from default cydia scources) grab a .deb for a crackedcopy of ifile here: (HERE) [*]a copy of clutch I WILL ADD MORE TO THIS TUTORIAL AS I GET SCREENSHOT , ETC. #teamclutch STEP 1 - CYDIA INSTALLATION get the latest clutch - by installing clutch (stable) from the repo - cydia.iphonecake.com ) (zorro put that thing on the repo xD) STEP 1 - MANUAL INSTALLATION (skip if you installed thru cydia) STEP 2 - CONFIGURATION CRACKING APPS Instead of using MobileTerminal on your iDevice, you can do a SSH Tunnel via USB with iFunbox 1. OPEN the terminal app on your springboard. 2. GET root access (how to coverd above0 3. ENTER " clutch " (remember, if you renamed the script something else, enter that instead of "clutch") 4. You will get this numbered menu iPhone:~ root# clutchYou're using a Clutch development build, checking for updates..Your version of Clutch is up to date!Clutch-1.3.2-git1usage: clutch [flags] [application name] [...]Applications available: 1) Angry Birds2) Brazzers Mobile3) Butch4) CrackAddict5) Facebook6) Gangstar Rio7) Gangnam Style8) Installous9) Movie Box10) Mostuniique+quandary=g@Y11) Rasticrac12) RedTube Mobile13) SWAGR Pro14) Tjglass15) Youtube16) Zeusmos 5. ENTER clutch followed by the number that corresponds with the app you want to crack. If I want to crack Facebook, I enter" clutch 5" 6. The application will then crack 7.The IPAs are in /var/root/Documents/Cracked copy them to your PC with iFunbox and upload. STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS, WILL ADD MORE PICTURES, ETC. from the Kim Jong-Cracks GitHub Page Usage Clutch [flags] [application name] [...]-a Crack all applications-u Cracks updated applications-f Flushes cache-v Shows version--[no | fast | best]-compression Sets compression level--overdrive Enables overdrive Compiling Ensure that entitlements are properly signed Licenses Clutch uses the following libraries under their respective licenses. ZipArchive by Matt Connolly, Edward Patel, et al. MiniZip by Gilles Vollant adn Mathias Svensson. Thanks Clutch wouldn't be what it is without these people: dissident - The original creator of Clutch (pre 1.2.6) Nighthawk - Code contributor (pre 1.2.6) Rastignac - Inspiration and genius TheSexyPenguin - Inspiration TODO [*]use proper zip library (libarchive) © Kim Jong-Cracks 1819-2014 please post any bugs, testing results development issues, messages for @ttwj and @NinjaLikesCheez, etc. HERE let's reserve this thread for questions on how to install, configure and use clutch.
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