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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, My name is Raaed http://twitter.com/3rbpro I want to start uploading apps to Appdb and fixing broken links. to help out people who need cracked apps
  2. Hey, some users reported my Links. But the links a live and good. When installing Apps via my Links Appdb gives errors pls Fix that. @Freddy
  3. Did you try installing apps/games from appdb onto your jailbroken device and failed to launch ? Read ahead as this guide might help you. This guide however will NOT fix apps that doesn't support iOS 11 to begin with. Check the Appstore for compatibility first. if you know your way around the OS then extract the ipa, locate the binary file, run command [ ldid -S path/to/binary ] and pack it to ipa again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Getting Ready: 1. You need to be Jailbroken (Duh!.) 2.install "Filza File Manager", "Safari Plus" from the BigBoss Repo. 3.Install NewTerm 2 from Hashbang repo ( https://cydia.hbang.ws ) 4. Add Karen's repo.(https://cydia.angelxwind.net) 5. Install "Appsync Unified" (install only from official repo). 6. also add Jake Jame's Repo ( http://jakeashacks.com/cydia ) 6. install/update "Link Identity Editor 2" Getting to the Binary: 1. Visit appdb on your device and download the app/game you want to sign. 2. after the download the complete, open the Download Manger. 3. Tap on the downloaded IPA and click "show in Filza" 4. In Filza press Edit, select the IPA then tap Move. 5. browse to /var/mobile/Downloads 6. create a new folder and name it anything you want. For this guide i'll name it "signing". 7. open "sigining" and paste the IPA inside. 8. Tap on the IPA and choose "Extract" and wait....... 9. after a while (depending on the size) you'll find a newly created folder with the same name as the IPA next to it. 10.Open the extracted folder and browse thru the payload folder then the .app folder. Locating The Binary 1.The binary file usually carries the same name as the .app. p.s: in case you can't find it or it's not the same name as the app, it'll be the large file without any extension. 2. Copy the binary file outside the to the "signing" folder. Readying The Binary 1. Tap on the encircled "i" on the right on the file's name. 2. Tap on the first cell named "Parent" which contain the path to the file and copy. 3. scroll down until you find the "Ownership" cells 4. change the "Owner" to mobile instead of root by tapping the cell and choosing mobile from the list. Signing The Binary 1. Open NewTerm 2 2.Run the following command: ldid -S /path/to/binary replace "path/to/binary" with the copied path from before and complete with name of the file 3. if you get no errors that means it was successful. Packing and Installing The Binary 1.Return to Filza. 2. Copy the newly signed binary and place it back inside the .app folder 3.Confirm the replacement. 4. Browse back to the directory containing the “Payload” folder 5. Tap on Edit and select the Payload folder. 6. Tap More on the bottom right. 7. Select create Zip. 8. Rename the zip to “Payload.ipa” (you can name it anything as long as the extension is .ipa) 9. Tap on it then Install. Enjoy!!! # To-Do: guide on cracking while on a Jailbroken iOS11.
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