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  1. I just cant get them to download. I have pro (as of today), cali@musician.org, I have all these apps and nothing will download. ZJailbreak wants $$, I cant do it. I have money to builds.io and I cant even get the profile to download, every time I try, it automatically opens Safari and it doesnt install. Every single thing and one that I try doesnt work for me. This has been going on for ages. I got it once and then it messed up, that was prior to PRO. I thought this was going to be easy, Please stop rollong your eyes and go a good deed for the day and help me out Here 1 photo and a link to the other ones from my phone to show you all the cockamami stuff I have. Thanks, Cali Boston Radio Superstar
  2. Would downloading the ipa be illegal to do?
  3. Hi. I love the appdb PRO experience, it was the best solution for me. Unfortunately, I realised later that I cannot install this profile with my corporate owned MDM. I had uninstalled their profile, but as it’s a work phone, they have warned me to return the device today, if I can’t keep their MDM profile installed. Thus, I’m a stuck in a big problem and I will have to uninstall the appdb profile that I paid for. But I love this platform and I want to come back to it as soon as I buy this device back from them after my work tenure is over. Which will be a few months or next year. So it’s a sincere request from my side to please cancel my order and issue me the refund. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please help me in this difficult situation. I will buy this device back from my company next year and buy and install appdb PRO again. I’ve already opened a ticket 1850. https://aysa-support.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/1850#
  4. Hi i dont understand th instruction: "version (Only if your version is not the latest; please use iTunes version format ) " if I leave the field blank, then the older version is shown at the downloads tab. But if I then want to specify the newer version, I get an error. How can i mark my upload as an update not as an new archive?
  5. So I just got this iPad 9th gen, and it seems like the system can’t read it, screenshot below. if anyone has a suggestion or idea what’s going on please reply, cuz I’m about to go crazy lol tnx
  6. I’m jailbroken and everytime I try to install an app it says can’t install application try again.
  7. Hello, how is it possible to get access to appd.be? I'm started to be pissed off by userscloud and dailyuploads lol... Thank you for help! Best regards, Strejda603
  8. when I try to install an application, I can’t get the Rickpactor’s button because it freezes on New - N/A. How to solve that? Already tried to change apple id or disconnect and reconnect the device
  9. I've been using AppDB for months now, but for some reason it started putting apps in a queue today instead of downloading them. I first tried to download something on the mobile app and it didn't work, and then I tried downloading the same app on the website via my PC and it still won't work. It's the only app I have downloading and I'm not sure how to fix it or what I can do. Thanks everybody for any incoming help. It'll be much appreciated.
  10. I installed the latest version of Rules! But the Apple Watch component is no where to be found. Any help? thanks much.
  11. Hey I've just sent 0.0066 btcto activate appDB pro. I've sent the right amount of btc to the address, the transaction was confirmed 1 time and then I copied the transaction code to the same window and it shows up this: I can PM a Support Member the transaction code for validating.
  12. I know what you're thinking, no one could for a bit. I read the news post they had made but it does not fit my situation at all. My wife updated my phone the other night from 11.4.1 to 12.1.2. Why she did this I will never know. Ever since then I have been unable to install any app. It will get to the point in the status that it is requesting an installation, but nothing pops up. I have already tried unlinking and relinking my device. As you can see in the screen shot provided it has nearly been 20 minutes of me waiting for an installation request to pop up. Problem is now solved magically. I'm unsure as to what fixed it, but it's all good now.
  13. Bought AppDB PRO on 17 Nov, 2017 which was working perfectly till yesterday. I also participated in "Activate iCloud to receive free PRO" on 16 Sep, 2018 and received my free PRO code on 17 Sep, 2018 and I applied that code here: https://appdb.to/pro.php and received a message 1 hour after applying the code that "PRO membership was activated for the following device: iPhone 7". But now when I am trying to install any app, it says the PRO is not active for this device. And on this page: https://appdb.to/pro.php it says "Your device is not PRO. Please activate PRO membership for your device or attach developer identity in device features configuration if you want to use appdb installations on non-jailbroken device". Please note that I'm using the same iPhone 7 since last year, that's the only device linked with my email and activated PRO for the same. Can you please help?
  14. Please Help Me to Crack App Xoa Info 2015 Source: http://xoainfo.com/xoainfo
  15. Ok a few weeks ago I downloaded a few apps for my Apple TV 4K and in order to do this I had to purchase and link devices to appdb pro. Now popcorn time needs to be updated and it won’t let me update through that Apple TV and told me I need to sideload the app. I am trying to do but won’t find where I linked my Apple TV to my iOS device at the time now trying to do it through my MacBook and I had to delink and re-link a new device and it’s lost all my devices and gives me errors when trying to link them all again. Please help?? Is there no way of locating all my devices without having to purchase the pro licenses again?
  16. Nice to be part of the community for few years and first time to ask for help. I have bought PRO so many times for all my devices, but yesterday I bought it again for iPhone 8 Plus on iOS 11.1.1 at around 11pm and it still says thats activation is pending:( is this normal? before it activated like after 3 hours always. Thanks Kirill
  17. I just purchased appdb.to PRO on July 22nd for my iPad Pro 10.5 in, than just yesterday I had to swap it out with a new one at Apple store. I’ve been trying to tweet and send private messages to a few users I thought could help from the forums but only got 1 reply via twitter saying, PRO is not transferable. I do understand that rule, I literally JUST paid for a year for that device I DONT own, and MOST of the week I did own it I couldn’t even use appdb.to because of this revoke issue! I’m asking if you could please give me my year I paid for on the 1 device I own??? Please note I’m a very loyal customer and have purchased at least 4 years of appdb.to to date, and REALLY would like to continue purchasing for years to come!!! Please it’s been 7 days????
  18. I finally got appdb pro for my apple tv but installing the apps doesn't work. I got no updates in my device status and I got no email
  19. I was in a dirt bike crash and completely destroyed my phone so insurance replaced it but now I don't have pro. Please help! Do I have to buy Pro AGAIN? I've already had to buy it twice and a third time might make me want to switch to something else. Thanks!
  20. Every time I try to download an app it says unable to decrypt sign ticket. Please contact staff
  21. So I keep getting an "Error: Please update your developer identity," and on Twitter I was told to just replace my identity, but i don't know if I'm just so incompetent or what, but I don't know how to do that. If I could have some help on that, that would be great! Thanks!
  22. Hello i lost my pro and my question is: how can i get back? When i upraged the ios 10.1.1 to 10.2 all profile lost, and when i tried to reinstall the adb thats happend (at picture) so help me pls.. not this what i paid :/
  23. May someone udpate age of conquest please ! It's a very good game of strategy bit like a Risk but better .
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