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Found 15 results

  1. I keep getting no install option for Rickpactor for any application, what can I do to fix this? (I have unlinked and linked multiple times, uninstalled Rickpactor and reinstalled multiple times as well), Is the issue with the site? (I have downloaded an app yesterday and it worked fine "Genshin Impact"). Edit: my device is Mac mini M1
  2. It’s been days since I I’ve been able to install Are you single up I have removed my profile and reinstalled it 3-4 times to try Troubleshooting but I’m now completely out of ideas it’s so frustrating
  3. Of late approx the last week any ipa i try to install will not install on my jailbroken device (11.3.1 iphone 7plus) will either install and crash when opening or it simply gives error message cannot install. I have tried rebooting, relinking my device clearing the installed ipa list even installing through extender with ipa just crashes. Other ipa stores i have no problem installing a file for working order, could someone please advise me on what to do, i kindly would appreciate it thankyou.
  4. So I was having trouble installing any ipa file from Appdb since jailbraking my device turns out my subscription was revoked ? Ok, fixed the revoke issue now I just need to be able to install apps again, apps continue to force close and crash upon install since jailbreak.
  5. TUTORIAL: HOW TO INSTALL A SIGNED .IPA ON APPLE TV (4TH GEN OR 4K) WIRELESSLY USING XCODE AND APPDB PRO! PREREQUISITES - Xcode 9.0 or later running on macOS 10.12.4 or later. - Apple TV (4th generation or 4K) running tvOS 11.0 or later - appdb PRO activated for your Apple TV HOW TO LINK APPLE TV TO APPDB AND ACTIVATE PRO FOR IT Skip this part if your Apple TV is already linked to appdb with PRO activated. Visit this link page for instructions on how to link your Apple TV (4th gen or 4K) to appdb. Once linked, switch to it via the same link page, then buy and activate PRO for your Apple TV by visiting this page. Once PRO is activated, you can head over to our tvOS section for apps, and click any green INSTALL button to start the signing process, or upload a custom .ipa at the custom installer page. Once the signing process is done, you will find direct link to .ipa in device status page. STEPS 1. Connect the Mac running Xcode and the Apple TV to the same network. 2. In Xcode, choose Window > Devices and Simulators, then in the window that appears, click Devices. 3. On the Apple TV, open Settings, then choose Remotes and Devices > Remote App and Devices. The Apple TV searches for possible pairing devices including the Mac. 4. In Xcode, select the Apple TV in the left column under Discovered. The status of the Apple TV connection request appears in the detail area. 5. Enter the verification code displayed on the Apple TV, then click Connect. Xcode pairs with the Apple TV and a network icon appears next the the Apple TV in the left column. 6. Drag .ipa file into the installed apps section (the .ipa must be signed with appdb PRO and downloaded from device status page - see previous section for more info). 7. Enjoy!
  6. install App crack error signing on mystore. pls help me
  7. The PUBG mobile (cheats) app is no longer installing, requires new update from iosgods website!
  8. No apps are asking to be installed after being initilized.
  9. After several issues with installing Facebook++ with the new installer, I found out that it is due to the shortcomings of the new installer. The old installer had the option for renaming the uploaded app as well as installing it alongside another version of the app. Losing that feature meant that now I have to rely on ++ tweaks (that aren't always 100% stable when sideloaded) or deal with stock app store apps...which means why even buy PRO. I bought pro for this very reason and as of the past week I have not had time to experiment and delete apps and retry. So basically if I this feature does not get reimplemented then I may have to try another service. I'm not trying to be threatening, its just frustrating that a feature thats been in beta for years loses more essential features than it creates. I trust that Freddy will get it all fixed, but please be quick!
  10. I can’t install apps which are non tweaked only tweaked cydia apps or games install others can’t be signed shows what can be seen in attachment please tell me problem regarding this.the links are working all non cydia apps cant be installed it shows this for all apps other than tweaked
  11. I dont see any link nomore to open a ipa app what is download in safari. Normaly I can sent it to the appdb app to install iT . But to transfer iT to the app is away I dont see iT anymore can somebody help me with iT please?
  12. Is it normal that most apps have (working) links to filehoster but no install button next to it? I rarely find any app that i can install. For example, i downloaded Kingdom Rush Origins ipa via Chrome, uploaded it to Dropbox so i can install it via custom installer. Custom installer lets me open Dropbox but not chose the file (greyed out), although i made it available offline. Some hints to ease my stupidity would be great, thanks.
  13. Hello! Today I decided to install iCapture10 through my pc with the most up to date ipa file! I did everything and clicked install. it says on my phone do i want to install, i click yes and it loads. then it pops up saying "Unable to install". I tried and tried again. then i tried 4 more different ipas and it still didnt worl but everything else does? I am appdb pro!
  14. i'm on iOS 9.3.1 ... why i can't install any app? :'(
  15. I've had an Non-JB Ipad registered since april with App DB, I had to remove the MDM profile last month and tried to reinstall it this morning. I could install a few new apps but then realized that I had 2 older apps that needed to be updated. Those 2 were: AppDB universal Installer + MusicBox I uninstalled them both and since then haven't managed to install any applications every since... I can't even install the AppDB universal installer itself. No matter what I try it gets stuck at "App installation with compability check and cloud resigning". * I have tried to delete and re-install the entire MDM profile several times * chosen "no" on the answer if the device is jailbroken * chosen "no" if I want to force app installations. nothing seems to help... //regards shahab
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