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  1. Theirs a version already in the iOS section but I believe it doesn’t work. My phone crashes everytime I try to open or it won’t install it’ll stay gray. When I first installed it and used it, it was working perfectly. Then I deleted and that’s when I ended up having the install problems. Please upload an updated compatible version! Or a cydia version as well would be awesome! Their is not cydia version at all.
  2. Please upload OVF editor app for iOS. Also please do mention how to request for an app now. Thanks.
  3. Can someone hack Ultimate Access Plan For Free ? 🥺 https://apps.apple.com/us/app/phraseboard-keyboard/id916976066
  4. Device: iPad Air 4 APP Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pastepal-clipboard-manager/id1503446680#?platform=ipad
  5. Can someone please upload decrypted ipa of Giant Square PRO - Grids+ for iPhone 6s plus iOS 12.4.2 please? Humbly requesting. Do oblige. Thanks.
  6. So i searched in all appdb and i Couldn’t Find any music notation app for iOS 13 that could work, i think it could be very useful for every musician here Apps like: notion: https://apps.apple.com/pe/app/notion/id475820434 Symphony pro: https://apps.apple.com/pe/app/symphony-pro-music-notation/id412380315 notateMe: https://apps.apple.com/pe/app/notateme/id699470139 musicJOT: https://apps.apple.com/pe/app/musicjot/id1057966726 thanks for everything!
  7. Newest (3.0.2) version please, or at least v3.0 Thanks!
  8. in need of an update to the human anatomy atlas links since i’ve tried every single one of them and they don’t work :((
  9. Edit:Here is a quick video walkthrough Edit 2: confirmed working on 11.1.2 Electra as well with tweaks turned on. If you’re gonna use it on an older device it’s better to run the commands via SSH since older device won’t have enough memory to switch between the app and the terminal. Edit 3: added a detailed video walkthrough Requirements 1. Filza File Manager (BigBoss repo) 2. New Term 2 (Hash Bang repo) 3. Link Identity Editor (ldid) (BigBoss repo) 4. An App to Crack (Duh!) 5. Jailbroken Device with Tweaks turned ON (should've said that one first) 6. Bfinject.tar from the Github repo 7. The signing script ( credit to 4pda.ru user for this) nofile.io or pastebin or Github Getting Everything Ready 1. Copy both bfinjector.tar and signer.sh to your /var/mobile/Documents 2. Tap on bfinject.tar to extract it. 3. Tap Edit on the top right, select the extracted "bfinject" folder and tap "Move". 4. Browse to /private 5. Paste here **** the bfinject folder must be in “/private , /bin , /sbin or / ” for it to work.**** 6. Go back to /var/mobile/Documents , select "signer.sh" and tap "Move". 7. Browse to /var/mobile/Media and create a two new folders called "cracking" and "signing". 8. paste "signer.sh" in "cracking". Let's Start Cracking (pun intended) 1. Open the app you want to crack. For the purpose of this guide i'll be cracking "Wayward Soul" and go back to 2. Open New Term 2 3. Login as root by typing su 4.Enter default password (unless you changed it) alpine 5. Now we need to set the working directory to /private/bfinject cd /private/bfinject 6. to start cracking (no pun this time) we'll type the following command bash bfinject -P Wayward -L decrypt * after "-P" you write either the app's name or even a part of it and the script will find it. * to know every usage run "bash bfinject" 7. Now go back to the App to finish decrypting it. 8. After it's done you'll get a pop up with a "Yes" and "No" question. Just press "No". 9. Cracking is done. 10. Open Filza and browse to /var/mobile/Containers/Data/ 11. Tap on the magnifying glass on the left to search for "decrypted-app.ipa". 12. Press the arrow on the left of the file to locate it. 13. Select and Move it to the folder we made before at /var/mobile/Media/cracking. 14. Go back to New Term 15. login as root as instructed above (if you closed the previous session or it crashed) 16. Set the Working directory to cracking cd /var/mobile/Media/cracking 17. to run the signing script type the folowing bash signer.sh decrypted-app.ipa 18. After the script is finished it'll ask you if you want to move it to "/var/mobile/Media/signed" or keep it here. Better choose yes to keep things organized 19. you are now done and have a properly signed cracked app.
  10. I would like this app to be tweaked. An idea would be unlimited money/tokens https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/war-tortoise/id1087489471?mt=8
  11. Hey guys, can I request Halide. It’s a great camera app
  12. https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/day-one-diario-note/id1044867788?mt=8&ign-itsct=1044867788-1044867788&ign-itscg=0176&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
  13. Pls add this book thank u very much in advance.
  14. Hey guys, I am planning a new adventure with a friend and our bikes and I ran into this app called 'Strava'. It's on version 11.0 right now. I don't know if it's the right app for a long journey and that is why I was hoping if someone can help with a premium free version for testing. Thanks a lot!
  15. Imagine this! WhatsApp + Watusi + OnlineNotify w/Different Icon (Maybe the Compass Icon or something )., MAKE IT POSSIBLE
  16. Hi guys, I need this application and I didnt find any link for this version of application anywhere. Anyone has it? Wifiman Link in iTunes
  17. Hello, Can you add Overcast App?
  18. Hello, Could you please update Textastic to version 6.3.1? Thanks https://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=1049254261&type=ios&store=us Last uploader was @Chikipata94-ICPDA
  19. Hello, Could you please update iA Writer (for iOS) to v4.0.5? https://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=775737172&type=ios&store=us Last uploader was @BWEL. Cheers
  20. Hi! ive been searching around the internet on how to download the 8tracks app back on my ipod since it isnt available in my country anymore and was pulled from the app store. 8tracks is a free music discovery app that is now only available in U.S and Canada so I was hoping to download it using your site with the help of a vpn app to get the app to keep working again. Hopefully youll be able to help me. Thank you in advance! p.s I added a version in the title but it doesnt really matter that much as long as you can make 8tracks available for download then it will be good. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/8tracks-playlist-radio-top-music-app/id346194763?mt=8
  21. So for the request I would like beta 3 or beta 4 of Yalu jailbreak IPA to be signed for me to install through Cydia impactor or someone to make it work through appdb I'm over here going crazy over this and I can't figure it out , I purchased pro to be able to sign apps so I try to sign Yalu jailbreak from Pc to phone link and it installs on phone but immedialy force closes no matter if it's beta 3 or 4, I install app with Cydia impactor and app runs fine and doesn't force close but when I upload to sign through appdb and install it never wants to run ... can you help me out since I purchase pro hoping I could use this method but it doesn't work, id make you the bet that the whole world of jailbreak is relying on your answer because if u get mach_portal working and signed for a year rather than 7 days this will spread faster than wildfire and more people would buy pro , I love that you guys host 9.3.3 jailbreak but I upgraded to 7 plus and don't have that anymore ... Any feedback will help to get the ball rolling here to spread this new method Thanks in advance , Anthony
  22. Hi all, I'd love to get my hands on a modified version of Runkeeper with Runkeeper Go/Elite subscription unlocked. I'd appreciate if anyone could crack this for me! thanks
  23. Hi there. Just tried to reinstall some cydia apps post iOS upgrade to 10. certificate installed and device being recognised as pro. the app signs on and app begins to install. However at point of install being complete I get the message 'please try again later'. A number of posts show this. ive tried reinstalling rebooting etc with no success. I've also tried on an old iPhone 5 with iOS 9 but I can't even get the certificate to install correctly with a message saying already been used. Wondering if I therefore have a problem with my UDID although saying valid until June this year. any help greatly appreciated. Ballazz
  24. Hello, this App is called IPTV Premium and it's already listed in app but there is no link to download, in the archives too. Could you please upload it? Thank you Link https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/iptv-premium/id1093484619?mt=8
  25. nurikm

    Coda iOS

    Hello, can anyone upload Coda for iOS?
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