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  1. If anyone can upload the latest Apex Legends Mobile Version 1.1.839 IPA, I would greatly appreciate it 🙏 There is one uploaded on AppDB but that IPA is corrupted and gets you banned from the game
  2. Would downloading the ipa be illegal to do?
  3. I would very much love to have this .ipa on appdb.
  4. Can someone please add the cracked Premium version of Plus for Instagram.
  5. Can someone please add Necrophonic to AppDB. Thank you in advance!!
  6. I uploaded an IPA but it has been stuck for a couple of hours at 100% now, the size of the IPA is almost 3GB.
  7. You should add a feature like cydia impactor where you drag and drop an IPA you have into Rickpactor and it will be signed and installed onto your device
  8. PUBG MOBILE 0.15.0 Global Version +2 Features: - No Recoil - No Spread Out Link: https://mega.nz/#!xxlwiK5J!7HPy3vz_Yt1Myc-PcfCh7NPmQdVdldFegPBot6u-i7U CC: Táo Dũng
  9. Hello, I uploaded a Whatsapp (Watusi) ipa to MyAppStore and installed it to my phone. Usally i install it from the cydia section in Appdb, but i needed a specific version so i uploaded it and installed it. Usually, whenever the certificate gets revoked, I used to Backup whatsapp app data and restore it using imazing. But when i had the MyAppStore version installed, I was trying to restore the data, i couldnt since the bundle ID was messed up. Now, i Have the MyAppStore version installed on my phone, how can i retrieve it’s bundle ID in order to install the new IPA with the correct ID and be able to restore my Data? Thanks
  10. Newest (3.0.2) version please, or at least v3.0 Thanks!
  11. So I was having trouble installing any ipa file from Appdb since jailbraking my device turns out my subscription was revoked ? Ok, fixed the revoke issue now I just need to be able to install apps again, apps continue to force close and crash upon install since jailbreak.
  12. Of late approx the last week any ipa i try to install will not install on my jailbroken device (11.3.1 iphone 7plus) will either install and crash when opening or it simply gives error message cannot install. I have tried rebooting, relinking my device clearing the installed ipa list even installing through extender with ipa just crashes. Other ipa stores i have no problem installing a file for working order, could someone please advise me on what to do, i kindly would appreciate it thankyou.
  13. Hey, is this only a non gui or is the ipa broken? Becouse I cant get it to work to set the generator When everybody has an idea why it wont work even I do it 20 times pls dm
  14. I was uploading the 1GB Rome Total War:BI ipa via the unofficial app. The upload itself is successful, but it says that download is now in queue. And then nothing happens, I have waited for more than an hour and retried. Again the upload is successful but the actual signing doesn't happen. It doesn't even show up in the logs. Whereas downloading other apps directly from the store work fine. I am on the PRO account on non jailbroken device. How can I fix this? Edit- I found out I can upload IPAs directly on site, and that worked. Apparently issue is with the unofficial app not this service.
  15. I just need the regular IPA file so I can sign it and put a duplicate on my phone
  16. Can someone help me with the cracked IPA file for Halide - RAW Manual Camera? Thanks!
  17. Can someone help me with the working IPA file for Opener - open links in apps? The one I found on Appdb crashes at launch.
  18. Please provide Instagram direct IPA as it is not available in all the countries at the moment. Do oblige. Thanks.
  19. Please provide Instagram direct IPA as it is not available in all the countries at the moment. Do oblige. Thanks.
  20. Hi, My name is Raaed http://twitter.com/3rbpro I want to start uploading apps to Appdb and fixing broken links. to help out people who need cracked apps
  21. I finally got appdb pro for my apple tv but installing the apps doesn't work. I got no updates in my device status and I got no email
  22. I dont see any link nomore to open a ipa app what is download in safari. Normaly I can sent it to the appdb app to install iT . But to transfer iT to the app is away I dont see iT anymore can somebody help me with iT please?
  23. So for the request I would like beta 3 or beta 4 of Yalu jailbreak IPA to be signed for me to install through Cydia impactor or someone to make it work through appdb I'm over here going crazy over this and I can't figure it out , I purchased pro to be able to sign apps so I try to sign Yalu jailbreak from Pc to phone link and it installs on phone but immedialy force closes no matter if it's beta 3 or 4, I install app with Cydia impactor and app runs fine and doesn't force close but when I upload to sign through appdb and install it never wants to run ... can you help me out since I purchase pro hoping I could use this method but it doesn't work, id make you the bet that the whole world of jailbreak is relying on your answer because if u get mach_portal working and signed for a year rather than 7 days this will spread faster than wildfire and more people would buy pro , I love that you guys host 9.3.3 jailbreak but I upgraded to 7 plus and don't have that anymore ... Any feedback will help to get the ball rolling here to spread this new method Thanks in advance , Anthony
  24. Hello, could you kindly update the app to the latest version? AppDB link: https://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=467343427&type=ios&store=us Latest version info: Updated: Jan 13, 2017 Versione 27.3.2 What's New in Version 27.3.2 Stability improvements and bugfixes Moreover, could you also double-check the crack? Because the actual cracked version require the iTunes Account login when opened. Thanks!
  25. Hello! Today I decided to install iCapture10 through my pc with the most up to date ipa file! I did everything and clicked install. it says on my phone do i want to install, i click yes and it loads. then it pops up saying "Unable to install". I tried and tried again. then i tried 4 more different ipas and it still didnt worl but everything else does? I am appdb pro!
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