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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Forum! It would be really great if someone could upload a cracked/unlocked version of OmniFocus 3 version 3.1.7 (or a version a bit below). The best would be if unlocked into the Pro version. However, if that isn't possible and only the Standard version can be provided I'd also take this one. I am now over my free trial limit and would have to spend really much money for "just" a productivity app. Therefore I am really grateful for any help of you. Thx. App: Name: OmniFocus 3 Developer: The Omni Group Link to AppStore (US): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/omnifocus-3/id1346190318?mt=8 Link to (empty) AppDB page: https://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=1346190318&type=ios&store=us Specs: Device: iPhone X (A1901) OS: iOS 12.1.1 (Beta) I have already searched the forum and used Google et al, however, I cannot find any relatively new OmniFocus 3 version. If you couldn't provide OmniFocus 3.1.7 but a version a bit below, I am fine with that too. App Store Pictures: Thank you very much already in advance. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: The "OmniFocus_3.1.4_Zachary.ipa" which is available online (at AppDB and elsewhere) does not work for me. When sideloading with Cydia Impactor I get the following error message: Error file: installation.cpp; line: 42; what: The WatchKit 2.0 app being installed contains an invalid application executable. Everything is fine and also extractions happens flawlessly. However, it stops at the verification step with the stated error message.
  2. Wondering if I did something wrong or somehow left myself open to an attack. I had been noticing that my phone (iPhone X, 11.3.1 jailbroken with MP Electra through AppDB) would crash such that the screen goes dark and the phone will not respond to hard resets. It lasted a few minutes here and there, and one time lasted almost an hour. I presumed it was one of the risks of running this type of jailbreak. Today, phone went dark for 20 minutes or so, and upon reboot, I saw a notification that my postmates delivery had arrived (I didn’t send for one). Someone in New York (I’m in Texas) bought almost $200 worth of baby formula and had it sent to their address using my account. I finally put two and two together and realized that all these dark screen moments were probably people hijacking my phone and looking through my files. Luckily there isn’t anything too juicy or steal-worthy in my phone... but that still sucks. Anyone had similar experiences, or did I make a security error somewhere in using this service?
  3. Any app is available to transfer text messages from Samsung to iPhone X? When I switched to Galaxy S8, there is a great app called Smart Switch i can use to migrate data. Edit: Figured it out by following this tutorial. Hope this help if you have the same issue as me.
  4. hi all, im a pro user (have been for a while now) with my iphone X ios 11.1.2, and have recently jailbroken my device with electra. i tried updating an app from appdb, but surprisingly it didnt update, so i went to appdb.to and saw that my hone shows up as NON JAILBROKEN, so i wanted to change that, but the question is "are you jailbroken with Appsync installed" i am jailbroken but do not have appsync installed. is that the reason it didnt update? should i mark "yes" even though i do not have appsync installed?
  5. Please post installation link to GMail update released today (Version 5.0.171119). This update adds optimization for iPhone X. App Store link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gmail-email-by-google/id422689480?mt=8 Thanks!! Adi
  6. BigNick

    IPhone x

    Hi freddy. My Second just purchased pro licence doesn't work on my new phone. Twitter told me to contact you. I've been trying since yesterday. Hope you can help.
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