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  1. So I just got this iPad 9th gen, and it seems like the system can’t read it, screenshot below. if anyone has a suggestion or idea what’s going on please reply, cuz I’m about to go crazy lol tnx
  2. I attempted to purchase Appdb Pro using Bitcoin. I sent Bitcoin from my Coinbase account and attempted to entermy Transaction ID into Appdb but it was rejected with timeout errors. My Transaction ID was 3c8f3cb225d8f7b81f8a5b735ea3cc4eaae6c5de36490930490dc5e7680b0274. I await advice as to how to proceed. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I should have followed all the steps but I cant get my installation complete to my mac mini m1. 1. JK a IPhone 6s Plus with 13.3.1 2. Dump Game App with Frida 3. Upload to the appdb and Got the PRO status 4. Installed Rickpactor and keep it running 5. Completed the upload and click INSTALL 6. View device status all success but the Rickpactor do not download and show anything, also there has no Install via Rickpactor as I saw on other videos. Please help me to solve it, I really wanna game with the new toy.
  4. I just activated Pro. I tried installing a bunch of apps none of which works. I even tried uploading ipa. Basically, in Command Type: App Installation, under Command result, it said failed. I am not at my house where the zip code I submitted my payment to so maybe that's why? If so I have no clue how to use VPN to fix it. I feel like I just wasted money for no reason. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Two months ago I pay for the service from UDID registration and I wasn’t really understanding of what I was doing and I didn’t know how to used Appdb and I made a mistake and I put the voucher on the wrong phone and it was never activated On the other phone but I couldn’t use it on my phone either so I got another voucher and put it on the other phone and now the phone had two vouchers one that work & the other one (mine) keep saying waiting to activated i was then told that the voucher works with UDID I didn’t know that at the moment so it was never activated & up to today I am unable to use the service can someone assist me please I was told from UDID in a email that the the voucher is linked to a device with this UDID: 00008030-001568c83c98802e And i tried to use the voucher to activate a different UDID: 00008030-001A7439220A802E I really didn’t know
  6. Sore recently I’m unable to install anything from AppDB, I get a “Failed” under command result. My pro is active and it was working just fine the other day. I tried multiple installation sources and another app and it still gave me the same error. Any help please? Never mind solved! It worked on its own
  7. Can somebody please upload shareit Pro ipa for iOS 13.5? Thanks. This is the iTunes URL: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/shareit-pro/id1126314052
  8. thibziboy

    PRO gone?

    Hi! Since early December, I was using my PRO status to side load iSpoofer ipa, working perfectly. I did not use the functionality these past few weeks because there weren’t any updates in iSpoofer. When I tried sideloading the new IPAs 2 days ago, I was met with a « Attached developer identity is no longer valid » message, and my PRO status is gone. I didn’t think PRO status was a lifetime, but I definitely didn’t think it was over after barely 2 months and a half. What is happening and what can I do? Thanks for any help! (I think I double posted this thread unintentionally, sorry and keep this thread !)
  9. Hello everyone! This topic is reserved for your translation attachments. You can download translation files here. There are also integrity check results. Now translation files are regular Apple's string files, so you can freely translate them with any text document or xCode, or use them in your 3rd party clients. Please note that files must be UTF-8 WITHOUT BOM. If your translation will be approved - we will gift you Free PRO! Thank you for your support!
  10. I am able to put apps in queue but I never get the install window popping up on my phone to preform the install. I have PRO and my device is linked. Any idea as to why and how to fix this issue? Many thanks!
  11. I cracked my iPhone 6 screen and decided not to repair since the device is no longer supported so I acquired a new 7 and was wondering if there was a way I could get my PRO license from the old device to this one. Thanks in advance.
  12. I must have misunderstood the directions. I was under the impression that in order to get things up and running on tvOS, I would need to link and purchase PRO on my iPhone, and from there I would be able to install wirelessly to tvOS. So I followed those steps to activate on my iPhone, but I'm getting a message that I don't have PRO activated for tvOS. I don't have any use for the service on my iPhone. Is there really no way for me to install on tvOS if I activated on my iPhone?
  13. Hi, trying to register my device for PRO Roulette but it tells me that im already pro and therefor cant register. any help? Thanks terry
  14. Hey I've just sent 0.0066 btcto activate appDB pro. I've sent the right amount of btc to the address, the transaction was confirmed 1 time and then I copied the transaction code to the same window and it shows up this: I can PM a Support Member the transaction code for validating.
  15. Hi Freddy, My license was revoked even though I purchased Ad Guard Pro, however I tried to reactivate the PRO but I get a message that the license has expired despite the last expiry date was in 2019 because it had been renewed after several revocations. Si è verificato un errore. Dettagli:PRO for your device has been activated more than 365 days ago and can not be re-activated. You need to obtain new PRO. Terms for PRO services can be found on PRO status page I would like a new PRO, so could you help me please? Thanks
  16. Guest

    Pro Re-Activation

    My pro was revoked , but it is still valid until July 2018, I am not able to reactivate it . Kindly assist .
  17. Hello, I am unable to use AppDB, if I try to sign an IPA I get: Failed unable to sign, Encountered an error, aborting! Than if I go to /pro.php I get this message: Forcibly disabled, please visit device configuration page to enable it again Than I go to /configure.php and there is see this: I'm not sure what to do... What should I do? I'm on iOS 11.3.1 jailbroken with Unc0ver RC7, I've added the revoke protection to the /ect/hosts file: if I go to OSCP I get a nice picture of Tim Cook! Thanks for the help, Jolle
  18. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pocket-expense-pro/id830063876
  19. Hello I'm using Ipad Air 2 v11.1.2 and cannot get PROtected. I've installed the certificate and followed all instructions and still no luck. also tried to relink the device , no luck. please advice how can it be done. thanks!
  20. I added my custom certificate to AppDB and when I tried to install apps it would trigger an error, app would sign and upon inspecting the ipa it is signed with the correct Mobileprovision, it just looks like a mismatch. Using XCode I installed the AppDB generated ipa and XCode spits this out (attached) As I said, certificates correctly Generated with Ad Hoc Capabilities, UDID devices added. NOTE: I generated the certificate from developer.apple.com not XCode
  21. Hi guys. Can we get a recent update to filmic pro. Works terrible on the x with the current version on site. Thanks.
  22. I purchased a voucher (which was received in the email) and used that voucher on this (new) device, but PRO has not been activated. Not sure what my next step should be.
  23. Could FiLMiC Pro be updated to the latest version, v6.3.2?
  24. Hello I payed for a pro voucher, but I’ve got no voucher or have been pro activated ? I bought the voucher for 2 days ago / Xelor777
  25. ..
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