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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Please Can any one help to update SnapChat++ to last version https://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=1900000030&type=cydia&store=us Thank You
  2. I’ve tried 20 times and there’s only one link for the latest version of it... is anyone having this problem also ?
  3. Every time I install Scothman when I try to log in I get a do not connect error. I have used Scothman from other sources and it works but it never works from here. Anyone know why?
  4. Pls update Snap++ to the newest version Thx
  5. Anyone have the SCOthman for snapchat latest update released on Dec 22? 10.23.5-5 http://moreinfo.thebigboss.org/moreinfo/depiction.php?file=scothmanforsnapchatDp
  6. Hey; can anyone upload the Phantome Snapchat ipa with Streak Notifyer pls U can find the github Link here: Streak Notifyer - Github
  7. Hello guys. Is anybody trying to use PhantomLite from AppDB and he gets the unable to update error when trying to refresh story's, although the app name says it's cokepokes version 2.7? If it works for you, please let me know too. thx
  8. Pls update Scothman and DzMoha. Scothman has the unable to connect error and dz moha won't open after install
  9. lemon


    Hello All, the app was there few hours ago, in the ios app section, I was waiting to reach home so I can download it, now its disappeared and removed. any idea why ? http://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=1900000023&store=fr&type=ios
  10. Amazing tweaked Apps by @OthmanAl3miry, all apps without ads and up to date. Most of them has some kind of protection/block by him, but I hope you guys know how to bypass it. This warning that we can't press anything. I think apps only run with his profile added. WhatsGold - https://mega.nz/#!B493VJbB!-DR8iY60Ei3U-du8X9_ZNJmR4cwzAdXHLhdzANmNKKw Twitter - https://mega.nz/#!dskXyB5b!cVqvV0VVUWwR33NhK0-c8Llsbb8HJVbmaKZ_GiFxfqI Telegram - https://mega.nz/#!gkEDTaDR!d96OgEGShBDF12B_QH6iuNuYzJt41My17QDCIBGv74U Instagram - https://mega.nz/#!Vs8zRSjL!p74QSW7iGSz_JwMF1ToBVRJ63dFiLs9-CwqWddrDD28 SCOthman (Snapchat) - https://mega.nz/#!p5cBxZiJ!IqWWA-KmlpNQG5VV4tqJXRxspEDgeAzHjBZYUQYiY9c YouTube - https://mega.nz/#!Ft9jhKqT!N7ltpqbOM0OSG95BdbLx9EF_mGV9-9hrvlvtdsEmysQ
  11. Hey as we all know that in iOS 10 resigned apps notifications don't work and I really want notifications for Snapchat (Tweaked). There's a workaround to get notifications where it says that we need Snapchat (Tweaked) from Appdb as well as Snapchat from AppStore to be on the phone at the same time to have to get notifications. So is there any way to get 2 Snapchats (one official and one tweaked) to be on the same phone? I know this is possible since stores like iPaStore allow this by having an app duplicate function. Here's the source on how it works: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1soqbs5
  12. I have Pro since 2015 December and i had a Bug with a previous Version of Snap+ because i Updated to iOS 10. Now, i deleted the App completely and tried to install it again. But everytime i try to install, this Message comes: What can i do? I have no App installed called Picaboo. Thanks¨!
  13. Can someone please update the Tweaked Apps like Snap+ and YouTube+? Because they're not working fine on iOS 10. UnlimApps has just patched them. Would be very nice if someone could do that! cheers ssl_911
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