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Found 15 results

  1. The only version of Hogwarts Mystery available on Appdb at the moment is the one that’s still in the App Store. Panda helper once had a hacked version of the app with unlimited energy but it’s license got revoked so if there is any possible way of doing this I’d be so grateful
  2. Could someone nice and cool please update the iSpoofer version avaiable at https://dl-dist.ispoofer.com/pmgo/isp-0.165.2a.ipa This version is old https://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=1900000440&store=us&type=cydia Thank you https://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=1900000440&store=us&type=cydia wrong ipa was uploaded today please note that it should be the IPA for 0.165.2a this is where it can be found: https://dl-dist.ispoofer.com/pmgo/isp-0.165.2a.ipa
  3. Name: SignalScope X Version: 10.7.1 iTunes Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/signalscope-x/id1304775893?mt=8 Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Non-Jailbroken (or atleast Jailbroken) Requested Features: "Pro Tool Set" subscription (or subscription requirement bypass) Could someone hack this amazing music app, please? ?  Thank you!
  4. I really need this app tweaked, because montly subscription is too much for a student. https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/mimo-learn-to-code/id1133960732?mt=8
  5. Any chance anyone can upload a tweaked Sims FreePlay? Thanks
  6. Hey guys, could someone crack in-app purchases in this app? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/signeasy-sign-and-fill-pdf-and-other-documents/id381786507?mt=8 Thanx a lot!
  7. So for the request I would like beta 3 or beta 4 of Yalu jailbreak IPA to be signed for me to install through Cydia impactor or someone to make it work through appdb I'm over here going crazy over this and I can't figure it out , I purchased pro to be able to sign apps so I try to sign Yalu jailbreak from Pc to phone link and it installs on phone but immedialy force closes no matter if it's beta 3 or 4, I install app with Cydia impactor and app runs fine and doesn't force close but when I upload to sign through appdb and install it never wants to run ... can you help me out since I purchase pro hoping I could use this method but it doesn't work, id make you the bet that the whole world of jailbreak is relying on your answer because if u get mach_portal working and signed for a year rather than 7 days this will spread faster than wildfire and more people would buy pro , I love that you guys host 9.3.3 jailbreak but I upgraded to 7 plus and don't have that anymore ... Any feedback will help to get the ball rolling here to spread this new method Thanks in advance , Anthony
  8. Autocad or a360 tweaked/ cracked/ in app purchases
  9. I would like to see some tweaked games being updated. Subscribed to this service for tweaked games and have yet to see any updated decently. Soul Seeker is being updated as we speak to (what I would think be from 1.6.4) to 1.6.5 and would love to see god mode/high damage and maybe others if possible. I know a lot is server sided but those were in previous tweak 1.6.2.
  10. Can someone tweak MARVEL Contest of Champions?
  11. Hi, can you tweak Trivia Crack Kingdoms? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  12. Hi, can you update Tweaked Uno & Friends at the 3.2.1 version? It says that must be updated. Thanks.
  13. Can you update tweaked Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle app at the 2.13.5 please? Because when i launch it it says that must be updated. Thanks.
  14. Deezer (Tweaked) is not playing well with my iPad Pro. It freezes when the pad goes into auto-lock and stops functioning. To circumvent this problem, the screen must be kept switched on while Deezer is playing. When then screen is switched off by closing the cover, it continues to play. However once the pad is unlocked, Deezer freezes again. I have re-downloaded the app but it returns the same reaction as described above.
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