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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, Can you add Whatsapp++ tweaked app? I need two WhatsApp on my iPhone. The last update is WhatsApp++_2.17.11_1.6r-72.ipa, here is. https://iosninja.io/ipa-library/download-whatsapp-plus-ipa-ios UPDATE: WhatsApp++ v2.17.20 is out there. Can you update version? Thanks! Thanks.
  2. Hello, I Have appdb pro since almost a year and recently i stopped receiving WhatsApp notifications whenever i exit the app (Not force closing), it never happened before. I tried multiple versions hosted on the appdb, i even tried signing my own .ipa (got it from the Developer: https://github.com/FouadRaheb/Watusi-for-WhatsApp) and still no luck of receiving notifications. I contacted the Developer and he said it might be a problem while signing for push notifications entitlement ( done by the signing service which is appdb) How can this be fixed, saw several users having the same problem. Thank you
  3. I have both Instagram(Rocket) and WhatsAppp (Watusi) sideloaded from the appdb store (As originals not Duplicates) Whenever i get a WhatsApp Call, it shows as Instagram Audio and if i answer, it takes me to the instagram feed. How to fix this ?
  4. Hello, I uploaded a Whatsapp (Watusi) ipa to MyAppStore and installed it to my phone. Usally i install it from the cydia section in Appdb, but i needed a specific version so i uploaded it and installed it. Usually, whenever the certificate gets revoked, I used to Backup whatsapp app data and restore it using imazing. But when i had the MyAppStore version installed, I was trying to restore the data, i couldnt since the bundle ID was messed up. Now, i Have the MyAppStore version installed on my phone, how can i retrieve it’s bundle ID in order to install the new IPA with the correct ID and be able to restore my Data? Thanks
  5. Today I've bought Appdb Pro, and I can't download any tweaked whatsapp. Always, after few seconds, app say that I've just installed one copy of whatsapp.... I've bought a Pro, only for have 2 WA accounts and push notifications!!! I've installed a modified .ipa myself, trought the MyappStore space, and it works, but I can't have the push notification! Is possible to have, in the tweaked .ipa on your site, a different bundle identifier, so we can install the apps as 2n, 3rd....account??? Freddy...
  6. Hi all, Kind of new to the forum here. I was told that if the cert is revoked and if I reinstall the app with the same 4 char id for the application again, my data will not be lost. Question: If I delete the non-working app in the first place, Isn't all the backup data also erased? How can I reinstall the application and save all the backup ?
  7. I have 2 phone numbers, and I use WhatsApp in both. Number 01 I use the official WhatsApp from the Apple Store. Number 02 I usually use a duplicate version from somewhere. Whats01 is always saved in iCloud and can be restored, but whenever I need to update Whats02, or restore the system, I lose all Whats02 data. Is there a way I can save backup of the number 02 conversations? Thanks
  8. Whatsapp Watusi Last version (2.18.41) has a problem which is when you press on settings the app gets crashed !! please Fix it and update it.
  9. Can someone please make Whatsapp Watusi’s latest version without Ads? I’m using WhatsGold++ and WhatsSilver++ which have Watusi ads cracked so can someone please update these to latest version (2.18.10) or compile new watusi ad free. Thank you.
  10. Basically I need WhatsApp Watusi without Ads version. Thank you.
  11. i've noticed that the onlinenotify is not working when the phone is locked. it does work when i'm inside the app though. notifications when someone writes to me does push on the lock screen but not the online notify. and no i'm not hidding my "last seen" . i also have the "OUTSIDE_NOTIFICATION_BETA" on. so i dont understand what the issue might be.
  12. Hi, Please can you upload Contact Picture Sync for Whatsapp - 1.4, As none of the links are working? Thanks in Advance..
  13. Amazing tweaked Apps by @OthmanAl3miry, all apps without ads and up to date. Most of them has some kind of protection/block by him, but I hope you guys know how to bypass it. This warning that we can't press anything. I think apps only run with his profile added. WhatsGold - https://mega.nz/#!B493VJbB!-DR8iY60Ei3U-du8X9_ZNJmR4cwzAdXHLhdzANmNKKw Twitter - https://mega.nz/#!dskXyB5b!cVqvV0VVUWwR33NhK0-c8Llsbb8HJVbmaKZ_GiFxfqI Telegram - https://mega.nz/#!gkEDTaDR!d96OgEGShBDF12B_QH6iuNuYzJt41My17QDCIBGv74U Instagram - https://mega.nz/#!Vs8zRSjL!p74QSW7iGSz_JwMF1ToBVRJ63dFiLs9-CwqWddrDD28 SCOthman (Snapchat) - https://mega.nz/#!p5cBxZiJ!IqWWA-KmlpNQG5VV4tqJXRxspEDgeAzHjBZYUQYiY9c YouTube - https://mega.nz/#!Ft9jhKqT!N7ltpqbOM0OSG95BdbLx9EF_mGV9-9hrvlvtdsEmysQ
  14. Imagine this! WhatsApp + Watusi + OnlineNotify w/Different Icon (Maybe the Compass Icon or something )., MAKE IT POSSIBLE
  15. would you please update WhatsApp to 2.12.11 https://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=310633997&type=ios&store=us
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