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Found 1 result

  1. . Few of the things which I would like to highlight are: This platform is one of the largest platform with most of the apps available on its platform. Apple revocation is taken care marvelously by the appdb team To fix: Auto update of app. (the feature never works). Appdb is never able to populate the list of apps from my device when I select the option check for update. Official appdb app would be a great add-on to the platform. The unofficial app is not that great and doesn't work many a times proper tracking of referral. Till date I have referred 6 of them (out of which I referred myself twice when I purchased the pro for the past 2 years) however only one referral is reflected in my profile. i am very disappointed by this. However, I guess its my fault, i should have check it immediately and should have raise the complain then itself instead of trusting appdb. If we can incorporate a kind of trial period or something like that. (I know we can use install apps using xcode) but it would be little simple (process wise) if some sort of trial period can be given (couple of days). I am not sure about the technicality involved. Just a suggestion if its feasible. Top downloaded apps in individual categories and rating system for apps. Removing/updating non-working links/apps. the layout and UI of the site can be improved. Its very cluttered. Active addressal of comments and queries.I hope the feedback will be of use. Good job appdb. Thank you.
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