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Found 1 result

  1. I really like on the un-official appdb app that I can heart apps easily, and go straight to a list of apps that I would like to remember later on, or if the install fails I can go back to try a different source. It’s really easy to forget the apps you have tried to install when trying to check out multiple different ones at the same time. Most of them are bad links and never get installed because of it. If there was a recent history or watchlist it would be a god send. Having the updates automatically check when on the site or an easy way to make it check and check well going to other pages of appdb and notify you when done and if any were found. The comments section should be more user friendly and in plain site so that we could write or the Ipa download works, or app works without kicking you out, etc. a raiting system that we can vote on the individual ipas, also the original App Store raiting right underneath. Top downloaded apps in individual categories would help also
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