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[Req] Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel (version 1.0.2)


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Late reply but thought I’d answer anyways in case someone runs across this post with similar questions :


VPN won’t help with running on iOS. It’s linked to your apple ids country and payment method not your ip address. 

In regards to doing with a vpn on steam and a computer. That does indeed work, if you have a PC. I have a Mac though. So I am afraid  just a vpn is not sufficient. 

I can do it via a Mac a vpn and Wine (kinda a windows emulator) but it’s horribly slow on my machine and seems to result in terrible internet connectivity to the point of being unusable. :(

Also it’s so much more convenient to play on mobile then at my machine.

Hope that answers why i was requesting the iOS version be updated. (Which was done a few days after my request although I’m not sure if it was because they saw my post or if it was just a kind soul who wanted to share :) )

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