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How to Resign .IPA files with RegMyUDID certificates, etc.

Tony Soprano

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Hey Guys-


I wanted to know if there is a way for me to re-sign my own .ipa files using InstaSign or a similar program.


When i go to RegMyUDID and view my UDID Status, I'm shown the following:


Download Developer Certificate

Download Mobile Provision File


I can download the Mobile Provision File but when I try to download the Developer Certificate i'm asked:


Please enter export password:


Does anyone know what this password should be to correctly download the right certificate?  If I click generate it downloads a certificate but it does not appear to be a developer's one in my keychains.



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You sure about signing with the Mac app?


There is also a web based signing service as Fenomeen already said :)

You can find a tutorial how to use it here


Hope this helps :)

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