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Smash Hit v1.3.2 Hack

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Smash Hit v1.3.2 Hack

Root Needed :- No


Hack Features:-

  • Dont lose balls when colliding with anything
  • Hit one glass/crystal and you can throw 5 balls at a time and it wont decrease to 1 ball for the whole game (does not increase ball count by 5)
Hack Instructions:-
  • Install the modded apk
  • Make sure not to collide with anything during the tutorial , It MIGHT crash.
Guys Give me a like if you find this Mod Helpful


Credits:- Me(amil123123)


Download:-Fixing THE HACK[hide]http://ifilescloud.com/rB[/hide]


Play Store Link:-https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mediocre.smashhit&hl=en

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Can I use this in my PC ?

No, you can't if you don't have installed a virtual machine or a Programm which allows you to use Android on your PC (because the hack is a modded APK).

If you would like to use Android Apps on your PC, have a look on your other Topic here: https://forum.appdb.to/index.php?/topic/4581-can-i-use-laptop-for-Android/


Best regards,

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