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Lemme crack!


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With a little help from tjglass i finally started crackin'.

It gave me some headaches and i almost threw my laptop out of the window but I managed it eventually. 

To celebrate this i'm willing to crack 3 apps or games under $0.99 (hashtag cheapskate).

Just provide me a (US) iTunes link and i will notify you when it's done!


Take care,




P.S. here is an extra gift from me to you, the awesome APPDb users!




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Dude, i really need this app, can you get it for me? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vip-black/id321971059?mt=8

i use to have it on my iPhone its already been cracked by someone else (only 2.5 not 2.9) so you can find it online no problem :) there isn't much too it though as everything is locked off inside the app it basically just provides phone numbers

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Great to here and congrats to you, Fenomeen. Maybe you could try this app: https://appsto.re/de/yGBKs

Best wishes!


Here you go: http://appdb.to/view.php?trackid=330337073&store=us&type=ios



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thanks, man! I just tried signing it, but apparently something is wrong.


"Download of Bußgeld started

 we will email link for installation to

Error while fetching status"
?! signing server down?
EDIT: other apps seem to work just fine.  would you mind trying to sign it with my udid "860f0d77738c9f1f33744eda15ac15e570c10f6d", please? 
EDIT2: ss1. regmyudid.com signing server lets me sign it, but installation fails with "Failed (-402620415)". The same with iTunes. Installation failed.
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