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Support Rules - Please read


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Hi everyone,

Please read these 6 simple rules to ensure a smooth user experience.

  1. Always use a short evident topic title (with tags if possible).
  2. In the opening post describe the problem precise as possible, this may include screenshots and/or steps taken.
  3. Use the search function to see if the questions isn't already answered.
  4. Don't hijack someone else's topic, if you have the same or equivalent problem please open a new topic. You may refer to the topic already opened.   
  5. When someone solved you problem please click the e7c74867d3e3821f0f68580b7f6f5da2.pngbutton on the right down side of the post so we can close the topic.
  6. Optional: fill in My iDevices which can be found under My Settings. This makes it a lot easier to give you a good and quick answer.

Greetings, the APPDb team.


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