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[Windows & Mac & Linux] Remove DRM from Amazon Kindle ebook rental with Apprentice Alf's tools (modded)


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Hey everybody ! Here is how to crack Amazon Kindle ebook rentals with a modded version of apprentice alf's deDRM tools.


Apprentice alf's  DRM tools allow you to crack amazon kindle ebooks, but they block you form cracking rentals , however since it's uncompiled python, here is a modified version of his tools that can crack the rentals:



DOWNLOAD v6.1.2:

zippyshare  filepup fileshack


DOWNLOAD v6.1.0:

Krotix cloud   fileshack.net  fileshack.net (2) datafilehost

sendspace filepup.net zippyshare



here is how these tools were modified if you want to do it yourself,  ( original post + discussion )


Fortunately, deDRM is written in Python, so it is not compiled. This meant that I could change the source. To make deDRM work with rented Kindle books, you have to open mobidedrm.py and find the lines:

if val406 != 0:
raise DrmException(u"Cannot decode library or rented ebooks.")

Then either comment them out (using #) or remove these two lines. Then deDRM works perfectly with rented eBooks.



Edited by MONGOLO
updated to 6.1.2
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