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Appdb redundant icons help??


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Why does this put an unremoveable icon on the springboard?

i link my phone it puts an icon.  To install apps it needs another icon.  Then I see an appdb app that adds a 3rd icon.

silly me thought the 3rd icon (the app) would remove the need for first two so I removed them only to find out that I couldn't install anything without em.

whats the deal? Is the app just pointless then?  Save yourself some clutter cause you'll need the one appdb forces upon you on linking?

hoping someone can enlighten me that a way exists to remove the useless icon on the springboard?  Needing multiple icons for this is ridiculous.  Would love to have 1 icon - the app.  That's it.

if it's not an option id like to have as a second choice, 1 icon - the installer.  

So how does one get rid of that annoying redundant link to the website placed on your springboard?

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First appdb icon is icon to website, which is officially supported and allow you to install apps from green links. You don't need anything else if you are regular user, because almost all apps have those  green install buttons. 

Universal installer is helper program that allows you to install apps even from file hostings without green install buttons. It also allows you to install any ipa that was dropped to app folder via iTunes or downloaded via safari. 

Third is unofficial appdb ios client developed by bleencraxx. Normally you don't need it, because it duplicates functionality of appdb in native ios app. 

That's it. 

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Thank you for the reply.  Wouldn't it be easier then to have the app function in such a way that app addict did?

allows you to browse/use what's available on the website and also allows you to download/sign custom IPAs or cracked iPas from different sources?

actually (I'm a new user and non JB atm for obvious reasons) i believe this functionality is attainable by a combination of the apps, maybe even one of them (the second one? Have to look again just got around to re installing it) 

either way, neither would be as big an issue if you didn't place a shortcut to the website on the springboard.  That's what we have bookmarks for.  I actually bookmarked the site before I realized it's now redundant.

would it take a tremendous amount of work to remove the mandatory icon?  Place a hide option in settings or not install it at all?  Give it an X when it wiggles :P  Anything you guys prefer really.  I just know me and many others who don't like clutter or redundancy would appreciate it.

other than that - kudos on being reliable as opposed to the "competition"


edit: after re reading your reply.  Seems the third app if it supports signing is the preferred option.  The second sounds like it's purely for signing which could be part of an app or you could provide a link to the sign server so folks could upload their own files.  Really boils down to a shortcut to a website being mandatorily placed on the springboard that creates the redundancy and is un necessary.  The other two packages include the same thing and more needed functionality.  

Sorry - very annoyed by the design decision/hoping a means to make it more logical or comprehensive can be found.  Until such a day :p

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