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[TUT] How To Install Any .ipa File On Any Unjailbroken Device


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Hi, today I will be showing you how to install any .ipa file on any unjailbroken device. This works on any ios I think. I will be doing this on a Windows 10 PC but this works on Mac too.

The app will work for 7 days. After that, you have to install it again.




Step 1: First you are going to want to download Cydia Impacter for your Computers Operating System.

Windows:  https://mega.nz/#!WIFhibpK!rrc6CpF3R9IwKvaTm3vlQt0wkK3LIfCELEimblb9gUE

Mac: https://mega.nz/#!aR1mBZ6R!e1b2PnOeIkpyb-RHhDO8LNf9d8nwXxsyW1ol_AofAYw


Step 2: Unzip Cydia Impacter




Step 3: Open the Impactor Folder Run the Impactor Application



Step 4: Plug Your Device Into Your Computer And Wait Until Cydia Impactor Sees Your Device.



Step 5: Now Download The .ipa File You Want To Install.


Step 6: Take Your .ipa File And Drag It Into The Cydia Impactor Application.



Step 7: Now Click On Start.


Step 8: Now Enter Your Apple ID And Then Click OK.



Step 9: Now Enter Your Apple ID Password And Press OK. NOTE: This does not take your password. It is confirmed that it goes straight to Apple's Servers.



Step: 10 This Message Will Popup And If You Are Okay With It Then Press OK.



Step 11: Now Wait For Your .ipa File To Get Installed. It Will Return To The Home Screen Of The Application Once It's Done.



Step 12: Now On The Device You Installed The Application For Go Into Settings, Then General, Then Device Management. Now You Will See A Box With Your Apple ID Username Or Email Address Under Developer App. Click On It And Press Trust.

Step 13: And Now Your Done! Enjoy!

If you have any questions or any errors please let me know. Enjoy!


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