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Application to Upload & Update Applications on AppDB


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Hey guys! My name is Joel and welcome to my application to have the ability to upload/update applications on AppDB.
My online forum name is hyper but you can call me Joel. I am a 18 year old [d.o.b 17/12/1998] Australian who loves to spend my free time playing games or experimenting with jailbreaks! 
I use AppDB quite a lot and it is safe to say that it is quite essential for me to use tweaked apps. I have been an AppDB pro member for a while now. 
My main interests are IT, programming, iOS Security, and anything apple really.
I want to help users get the best out of AppDB - this will include being proactive (for example fixing broken links and making sure apps are always up to date).
As mentioned above, I'm Australian which means I will be on a different time zone to most of you guys. This means I will be able to help users that are around my time zone. I've fully graduated from school, so I will be on quite a lot helping out - pretty much whenever I am needed or see something which needs attention. Please let me know if any more info is needed.
Thanks heaps, and please take this application into consideration!
Yours sincerely,
(Sydney, Australia)
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