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[MAC/VMWARE] Install apps on Apple TV wirelessly without USB-C cable or iFunbox


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- Xcode 9.0 or later running on macOS 10.12.4 or later.
- Apple TV (4th generation or 4K) running tvOS 11.0 or later
- appdb PRO activated for your Apple TV

Skip this part if your Apple TV is already linked to appdb with PRO activated.
Visit this link page for instructions on how to link your Apple TV (4th gen or 4K) to appdb. Once linked, switch to it via the same link page, then buy and activate PRO for your Apple TV by visiting this page.
Once PRO is activated, you can head over to our tvOS section for apps, and click any green INSTALL button to start the signing process, or upload a custom .ipa at the custom installer page. Once the signing process is done, you will find direct link to .ipa in device status page.

1. Connect the Mac running Xcode and the Apple TV to the same network.
2. In Xcode, choose Window > Devices and Simulators, then in the window that appears, click Devices.
3. On the Apple TV, open Settings, then choose Remotes and Devices > Remote App and Devices. The Apple TV searches for possible pairing devices including the Mac.
4. In Xcode, select the Apple TV in the left column under Discovered. The status of the Apple TV connection request appears in the detail area.
5. Enter the verification code displayed on the Apple TV, then click Connect. Xcode pairs with the Apple TV and a network icon appears next the the Apple TV in the left column.
6. Drag .ipa file into the installed apps section (the .ipa must be signed with appdb PRO and downloaded from device status page - see previous section for more info).
7. Enjoy!


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how can I link and activate my Apple TV 4? I can't find any information regarding this.

I have linked my iPhone  but how it that possible with the Apple TV 4k? I don't have safari on there.

I have link my Apple TV 4k with my Mac and xcode.

Do I also have to be login in with the same Apple ID on my iPhone as on the Apple TV?

And is this process  possible if I don't have an jailbroken iPhone nor Apple TV

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You can link your apple tv to appdb almost the same as you've linked your iphone, check https://appdb.to/link.php - there is atv section there.

For apple id - does not matter, appdb does not know anything regarding your apple ids.

You can't link apple tv if you don't have another idevice already linked to appdb.

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On 11/02/2018 at 7:43 PM, Freddy said:

Just link your apple tv to appdb, switch to it and tap green INSTALL buttons.

Hi, how can we switch from one device to another before tapping the green install button? I have both my iPad Air 2 and Apple TV linked to my account under the same e-mail address used to buy my PRO membership, the PRO membership was granted to my iPad Air 2 because I was not able to request it for my Apple TV since I have no browser on it. I'm still not able to send apps to my Apple TV when hitting the install button from AppDB from my iPad Air 2.

Do we have to have 2 PRO memberships one for each device?

I've posted a dedicated topic for my issue under this link: Unable to send applications from Appdb to my Apple TV 4k using my iPad Air 2 Wifi + Cellular with AppDB Pro membership activated under the iPad Air 2

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So for some reason Xcode is not detecting my AppleTV 4th Generation even though they are in the same network. I then tried connecting via a USB C Port to my mac and while the Apple TV 4 shows up under devices and simulators in X Code, it does not allow me to check the box that allows you to connect the Apple TV wirelessly. What am I doing wrong?

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