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MyAppStore API


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MyAppStore is unique appdb feature - you can build your own apps library and store it on appdb servers, apps will always be installable to your devices, jailbroken or not.

IPA way to your device through MyAppStore  is the following:

  1. You upload IPA file to appdb
  2. Appdb creates job to analyse your IPA to make sure it is valid and installable
  3. Appdb stores IPA into your library
  4. You can trigger app installations from MyAppStore section via "install" method from main API

MyAppStore API acts on the same endpoint and with same principles as our Main API, but adds couple new methods that you can use.

Adding IPA to library

By using this method you can upload IPA for analyse to appdb. Device auth is required.



action (string) ="add_ipa"

job_id (40 char string) - An unique JOB ID (defined on client side, we suggest you to use sha1 hash from random string)

ipa (file) - a multipart/form-data object with data from IPA file


url (string) - URL to IPA file


It should return true if IPA was successfully queued to be analysed. Then, you can check what's happening with your job:

Getting jobs status

By using this method you can check what jobs are running. Device auth is required.



action (string) ="get_ipa_analyze_jobs"

[ids (array of strings)] - Array of JOB IDs to filter

It should return job objects. All fields are self-explainable:

{"success":true,"errors":[],"data":[{"id":"xxxx","updated_at":"1511865973","status":"Success: appdb_1.4.2.ipa was validated, added to your apps","is_finished":"1"}],"total":null}


Getting IPA library

And finally, here is how to obtain IPAs in your library. Device auth is required.



action (string) ="get_ipas"

It should return the following information. All fields are self-explainable:

{"success":true,"errors":[],"data":[{"id":"656","bundle_id":"com.4sh2812.32u1982378","uploaded_at":"1511865973","name":"appdb","size":"35172335","compatibility_string":"Requires iOS 8.0 or  iPhone, iPod  iPad "}],"total":null}



Deleting IPA from library

Device auth is required.



action (string) ="delete_ipa"

id (int) - An IPA id that you should obtain from get_ipas request


Installing IPA

Just trigger "install" method of main API with ID of IPA and type="MyAppStore". Device auth is required.

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