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FORUM RULES - Please Read


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Please read, take note and abide these rules

1. AppDb is geared towards a general audience. Explicit language, nudity, pornography, violence, etc. is not allowed.

2. AppDb Staff reserves the right to lock and/or delete any posts which are deemed a violation of forum rules.

3. Please use ENGLISH only when posting, this makes it easier for our moderators.

4. Users are only allowed one account

5. No explicit language or word in user name

6. Respect all staff members as well as other users

7. No flaming, bashing, and spamming

8. Do Not impersonate staff members or others

9. No Advertising of any other forum/site of similar (unless you have been given prior permission from an admin)

There are 9 simple rules to follow as long as we all abide by these rules AppDb will be a nice user friendly place for everyone.

If rules are broken you will be issued warning points, consistently breaking rules may result in your account being banned.

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