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Upon running the appimage executable I get the error '

{"error":{},"stdout":"","stderr":"/bin/sh: 1: : Permission denied\n"}
{"error":{},"stdout":"","stderr":"/bin/sh: 1: : Permission denied\n"}


Attached album of photos of errors:




also before each run it keeps telling me i dont have libimobiledevice-utils dependency installed when I definitely do, also shouldn't the dependency be contained within the appimage anyway?


Any ideas of how to fix this? Also any plans to release as a flatpak in the future instead of an appimage.


cheers :)

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Hi, all,

I'm having the same problem on my Ubuntu 20.04. 

Sealinux is disable by default. So, it cannot be the cause.

An option is to look for Apparmor instead and try to disable the specific profile related to Rickpactor.

However, I don't know which profile is related to Rickpactor . Anyone does?

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