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Removing the bookmark icon


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Hey there,

it would be great if we could remove the bookmark icon that automatically gets added when installing the profile. Internally it seems to be called Web Clip, and it has the property "Removable", so I assume this shouldn't be too hard to realize.

Or is there a reason it's set to non-removable? It only opens the appdb website as if I surfed there manually.

I recently updated to iOS 14 and would like to hide the icon from my homescreen, but it's not possible to only be in the App Library.


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I know this is really late, but I just discovered a way and wanted to share; move the bookmark into a new page of your home screen. Next, long press on the dots at the bottom than correspond to the pages of your home screen and all the pages of your Home Screen will pop up in a grid-type array. At the bottom of each page is a check mark. Tap on the check mark corresponding to the page with the bookmark and said page won’t be visible anymore, resulting in the bookmark not being visible anymore.

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